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My 5 current Netflix obsessions

1. American Horror Story
To start on a bright note, American Horror Story gets an instant 5 stars. This is by far the best show I have ever watched. As self-explanatory from the title, the genre is horror. However, it is not like any horror film I have ever seen (and I am an avid fan of them). In fact, it is full of stories within stories within stories and as each series progresses you find out more and more. That is me trying not to give too much away. Each series has the same cast but as different characters in a different, yes you got it, story. My favourite season has to be 'Murder House' (1). If you are a bit of an adrenaline seeker then this is the show for you *no doubt within my tone*. If I was to sum up the show in 3 words: twisting, spine-chilling and intense. And if this hasn't sold you... Tate (as known in the first series), played by Evan Peters, is utterly gorgeous and every girls dream eye-candy. Yes, a distraction from some of the horror. 4 seasons, only 3 on Netflix (so far) but get yourself stuck in soon as season 5 is approaching. 
Spoiler: The sexy Adam Levine appears in series 2.

2. The Killing
Although I loved this program, I must admit that by the last series I was quite bored. The Rosie Larsen case (S1 and 2) was brilliant and fantastically explored by Mireille Enos (Sarah Linden) and Joel Kinnaman (Stephen Holder). However, the storyline of the third and fourth series really lacked any depth in it, in comparison, and thus the 3 stars. This show was created by the US after the Danish series escalated in popularity. My family have all told me to watch the Danish series, as it is meant to be amazing, but I'm not a fan of subtitles. This is a good show if you like crime and detection. However, after such an amazing storyline with the Rosie Larsen case; I think, they made it hard to beat in the last seasons.

3. Once Upon A Time
To start with, in season 1, the unbelievably good looking Jamie Dornan plays a gorgeous huntsman/sheriff. Actors name ring any bells? Yes it is Christian Grey. . This is an extremely intelligent series demonstrating real life alongside fairytales. In summary, the characters from every fairytale you can imagine are locked in a curse that takes them to reality (society today) and not knowing who they truly are. The curse can only be broken by Snow White's child, Emma (who was the only one to survive the curse). If you love fairytales and Disney but love stories in reality. This has the perfect blend.

4. Homeland
Homeland is a series that focuses on the acts of terrorism on America. Firstly, through Brody, the American soldier, who survives imprisonment from the Al Qaeda (after eight years). Carrie Mathison  is a CIA operative who is struggling with Bipolar. This is a great series that will have you hooked in minutes. The only reason this is not a 5 star is because I have not got to finish the last season so it would not be fair to judge it entirely as of yet. But I must say... I'm hooked! If you enjoyed the film Zero Dark Thirty, then Homeland is definitely a great choice.

5. Pretty Little Liars
Oh my A!! This is a program that was introduced to me whilst I was in halls at University. I managed to watch the whole of 3 seasons within about 3 months. Yes, that is a lot of invested time and don't worry, I was still attending lectures. Pretty Little Liars focuses on a group of young girls who are being subjected to bullying and threats by the unknowing A. It all started after the death of their friend Alison. This program has thrown me around left, right and centre suspecting A to be pretty much every character. Get watching because you won't regret it! Season 6 is the final reveal. So, by June, you may be up to that Season if you watch it at my pace.

Plans for Netflix start from £5.99 a month (UK) and you can endure in a free trial for 30 days.

So are you watching the same as me? Does anyone have any other series recommendations for Netflix?  Easter is approaching and I can't spend all of it reading and writing essays.

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