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Trial of the Roller Lash proposal of lasting 12 hours & The Product Review:

So for a different spin on the new Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash. Their packaging proposed a strong proposal of lasting 12 hours. So I rose to the challenge to test its validity. Did it deliver? I have pictures...

Firstly, excuse my wet hair.... But with the application, inevitably comes a review. One word: Wow! I wanted to test out the proposal of having 'long lasting curled lashes' so I did not use an Eyelash Curler. It delivered on that retrospect. My eyelashes were curled, separated and lengthened. However, it does take a few applications for this to be achieved. But every girl should wear more mascara! The packaging is simply gorgeous and sit's prettily in my make up bag. The concept of the roller lash is amazing marketing and Benefit should be only praised for such a clever concept. The wand doesn't seem like it will do the product justice as it is very tiny and seems like very little product comes out. However, the product carefully blends onto the wand so it does seem like very little is coming out but it does go a long way!

Now for the 12 hour test... Did it live up to its ultimate proposal?


Because of lighting at 8 o'clock in the evening, a full-face photo was unachievable. However, this is my lashes after the 12 hours and I must say I am impressed. On my bottom lashes, it did seem to be wearing off. However, overall I would give the mascara a 5/5. It does last the 12 hours and it is a valid proposal that should whisk away all us mascara/beauty lovers right on down to purchasing this necessity.

Get it here: at only £19.50! You won't regret it! Thank you Benefit Cosmetics, yet again, for your always amazing mascara's! What do you all think of the mascara? Did yours last 12 hours?

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