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Spectrum Brushes.

Pink Spectrum Brushes

I KID YOU NOT... My collection of brushes have never looked so pretty and girly before and IF you haven't ventured onto Spectrum before, here are the reasons why you should get on your device and do so NOW...

At First Glance...
Recently on a relaxing sunday I was scrolling through my Instagram feed to see someone had posted an amazing photo of these gorgeous brushes. Out of curiosity, I ventured onto Spectrum's website to only find myself making a big shopping basket and meeting the eyes with my Paypal. The colours are so pretty and unique but that is not just what sold me... after extensive research, I found these brushes were raved about by so many people online. Affordable and pretty led me to my purchase.

On Arrival...
When my postman arrived one early morning (luckily, just before I had done my make up), I ripped open the packaging to be nothing but even more satisfied. The colours are true to the website and, if I could emphasise more on this next bonus I would, the softness of the ends of these brushes are fit for a princess *to avoid any cliche*. Without any hesitation I was going to be using these bad-boys straight away!

The Brushes I have Bought and my trial with them...
Part of Your World Atlantis Flat Top Buffer- This is the most amazing brush I have ever ever ever ever EVER used! As a girl who sticks nobly to liquid foundation this is the best brush to get it really soaked in to your skin and helps avoid the 'cakey' look. To you all, you should be heading right now to Spectrum Collections and adding this to your basket! Not to encourage you any more so, this brush is only £8.99 on its own or a part of the whole 'Part of Your World' Clam collection with 9 other brushes it is £59.99! Such an affordable bargain and definitely worth it to those who apply liquid foundation!

4 Eyeshadow Brushes:
The Medium Fluffy Shader- Extremely soft and keeps hold of any loose product rather than making it  go underneath your eyes! It is true to the art of shading!

Tapered Smudge- Firstly, can I just add, THIS BRUSH IS £2.99! And for those who love to use eyeshadow for eyeliner, this is 100% perfect!

Small Angled Blender- If contouring for your face was hard enough, I have struggled for so long to get in the crease and blend with my eyeshadows. BUT.. this brush has made such a hard task, extremely easy for me. It is perfect for shading the outer corners or highlighting the inner corners of your eye. The perfect size!

Stubby Shader- This brush is perfect for the heavier eye make up looks such as smokey eye! It gets a lot of product on so you can really pack on the colour, however, where the bristles are soooo soft it makes it very easy to blend! (Where have I been without Spectrum Brushes!!??)

and lastly but certainly not least.. the brush all highlighting girls should bow down on their knees too...

Small Fan- The small fan is the most careful and delicate brush that applies powder/highlighter extremely lightly avoiding a over-powdered or too highlighted face. This is just the best highlighting brush I have ever used! Not only does it highlight and apply powder it sweeps any excess product you may have on your face off! Like a miniature cleaning product!

I basically have now made a vow to this company for the rest of my life ha ha. These are the best brushes I have tried in a long time and they are sooo affordable!

Have any of you tried these brushes or any other ones from this company? Let me know!

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