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Summer Boots Haul.

Summer Beauty Buys: John Frieda Beach Blonde, OGX, Soap and Glory, Boots and Original Source
In a weeks time, I am jetting off to Mexico! So, I thought I would share with you some things I spotted when on the hunt for tanning oil. Bet you didn't know Original Source have some new collection of body lotion...

Original Source...
Original Source Body Lotion Lime and Coconut Oil, Peach and Apricot Oil and Watermelon and Jojoba Oil

Yes it is true! The goddess behind the AMAZING shower gels have released this Vegan-Free Range of body lotion/oils. Typically, I stick to The Body Shop Body Butters. However, when I saw the bright summery packaging and the branded 'Packed with Moisturising Natural Oils', I thought it was definitely time to try something new. Initially I was only going to purchase Lime and Coconut Oil because it smells like a Pina-Colada (No Shame, we all love a cocktail!). After applying, the scent stays with you all day leaving you nourished and your skin hydrated. This scent is perfect for an early dark morning as the citrus fruit really does refresh you and make you feel awake.However, my absolute favourite scent out of the two is most definitely Peach and Apricot Oil. Firstly, I just want to point out, you never ever find those two fruits combined in anything because they can be interpreted as very similarly smelling. However, this product makes both smell very distinct and different. Super thick in consistency allows the lotion to really sink into your skin and reduce those hydration levels.

It is so great to see that brands are now infusing oils, we all have been using as home remedies for our skin, into their products! Not only that...I may be the only one but I have never tried an oil as a moisturiser before. Curiosity is what made me want to test this product. One may think I would look like a grease ball for the whole day.. but boy was I wrong! The oil seeps into your skin quicker than the body lotion (and that's quick)! I'm so impressed. I'm awaiting to test this product out in Mexico because I feel that maybe a hotter climate may not agree with it, however, I will be very very very surprised if it doesn't! This product is one all must try! As the products are 100% natural fragrance, the Watermelon really breaks through leaving you feeling girly and summery.

John Frieda Beach Blonde Collection...
John Frieda Beach Blonde Products

On the 3 for 2 Boots Haircare, I grabbed these products quickly as they were almost already sold out. They are infused with citrus and spearmint and leaves your hair feeling extremely hydrated and soft. Although this advertised as 'Beach Blonde' it is for all hair colour types (even coloured). I can vouch for this too as I have very brunette hair and I have had no trouble with it at all. I have always wanted to grasp hold of some hair care products that are perfectly suitable for holidays. The beach really does dry my hair out and I am 100% sure this product will help avoid that. My favourite out of the three is the Deep Conditioning Masque. I have never tried a hair mask before and this really was impressive!

Soap and Glory and Boots Massage Sponge...
Massage Sponge Boots and Soap and Glory Exfoliator Flake Away

The sponge... omg the sponge! I have always applied exfoliators on using a hand mitt. BUT THE SPONGE! On one side is a rough surface to really get your exfoliator deeply into your skin and all of your dead skin off. But on the other side is this massaging, soft side to soothe your skin after the exfoliator. Great product! I have purchased this Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Scrub before and I was super happy, thus the repurchase. However, I did not know they do a travel size! This is the essential Body Scrub for summer and the travel version is small enough to take with you on your holidays. Both products, hand in hand, would be perfect to use before going away to get ready for your tanning and after to get rid of any peeling!

OGX Amplifying Lotion

OGX Think & Full Biotin and Collagen Amplifying Lotion is the description of this product. However, I feel this is more of an oil as opposed to a lotion. NOW did I have trouble using this product! At first I was applying it in big portions as it feels that little product was not enough. However, I soon realised that it was the very wrong thing to do. Small amounts go a long way! It smells very musky and luxurious and it definitely gives fuller looking hair. I bought this product to test on holiday as I have very fine hair and swimming in the ocean, for some reason, makes my hair look even thinner and dry. So when the description said this product is perfect for making your hair fuller and healthier. I had to purchase this one too.

I hope I have influenced you into purchasing a few items for this summer. Even if your in rainy England, the weather has been quite hopeful so these products can be used at home just as much as on holiday.

Have any of you tried these products? And can you recommend anymore holiday buys? If so, drop me a comment, I'd love to hear what you have tried! And if you'd like to hear from me a little more.. then follow me on all my social networks!


  1. Really interested in the oil spray!!

    Lauren x |

    1. You Will Love it!!!! Great Blog
      Sophie xx

  2. I may have to try the John Frieda hair conditioning mask. I'm planning on doing this once a week as currently my hair is so dry and knotty due to all the colour I have in it. So thank you for recommending this product!

    1. It is 100% Worth it! Grab it while Boots have the 3 for 2! Great Blog :)
      Sophie xx

  3. I always been very scared of using oil in my skin ... this might have changed my mind lol.
    Have a great day!

    1. So have I! But honestly it leaves your skin feel so moisturised.. but not overly moisturised!
      You too and I love your Blog! xxx

  4. The original source look amazing. Great blog.


    1. Thank you so much :)! Original Source is just beautiful haha!
      Great Blog!!
      Sophie xxx

  5. Nice Blog Sophie, been reading through a couple of your posts.

    Looks awesome all the stuff you are up too, Becky my gf does similar stuff -

  6. Hey Sophie, where can I purchase the exfoliator sponge as Boots don't seem to stock it anymore?


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