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August Love List

What I am loving watching: 
Prison break! It's intense and you are constant edge throughout the series. All together there are 4 series on Netflix. It follows the problems of incarceration in America and a genius' hope for justice, freedom and among other things love.

What I am loving listening to:
The Weekend's New Album 'Beauty Behind the Madness'. The album features Ed Sheeran, Labrinth and Lana Del Rey. I am a great fan of The Weekend anyway but this album is up there with one of his best. My favourite song on the album has to be 'Prisoner' (Feat. Lana Del Rey).

What I am loving reading:
As a Literature student, I am an obvious novel reader. However, something I have been enjoying reading- far from novels- is Caroline Hirons Blog. My skin has been an endless battle recently and Caroline is the queen of skincare. I really want to invest in high end skincare products and spend time making a well researched skincare routine. So Caroline Hirons Blog has really helped me to discover what my skin needs and what I should involve in my routine. One thing I definitely will be purchasing, after reading her blog, is the Pixi Glow Tonic Toner. An acid based toner that is perfect for breakouts.

What I am loving to wear:
Now this can be anything from make up to clothing. However, my ultimate winner for this month is my Whirl (Mac) Duo. The lip liner with the lipstick. August has been a very autumn-like month this year and a dark nude is perfect for such. Check out my blogpost for a review and swatches.

What I am loving to smell: 
The Mac Turquatic perfume! A fresh, sensual and summery fragrance with lotus, anemone, orris and Corsican Blue Cedar. The bottle is turquoise and yellow with a summery edge to it.

What I am loving beauty wise:
Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter by The Balm Cosmetics is my best beauty product of the month. I absolutely understand the fuss behind such a product. It is a very subtle fine but buttery-feel powder that extenuates cheek bones with a golden glow. Although it is subtle it is buildable to create the Kardashian-like structure to ones face. A desert-island product for sure. The packaging is very 1950's and girly which makes this highlight even more perfect...

What blogger I am loving: 
Although I have known of her work, I have never stumbled across her blog before this August. For the best beauty tips and the iconic, famous beauty looks I now refer to Lisa Eldrige's blog. From working with celebrities and herself, Lisa Eldrige is an artist. Whenever, I am looking for a good product (for example a moisturiser), I say in my mind... go-to your beauty advisor Lisa. Although she does not know it, she has helped me discover brands that will sit comfortably in my make up drawer or my skin care drawer until she advises the newest and better.

What Vlogger I am loving: 
In the Frow! If you have not watched her videos or even read her blog you are missing out! She is a great inspiration from fashion to beauty. Her dedication to her career is clear through her aesthetically pleasing blog full of the best photography I have seen. I have watched her video's and read her blog for a very long time and it is fair to say she influenced the creation of mine. Check out her new blog design and blog/youtube videos. It will be worth it! However, one lesson I have learnt from watching Victoria's videos and reading her blog is catch up nearer to payday so that I can invest in many of the products she has and fashion items.

What photo I have loved capturing: 
A best friend snap!

What I am loving in general:
Blogging! I am loving writing, thinking and creating. Blogging is so under-rated. It's motivating and genuinely fulfilling and I am thoroughly enjoying doing it.

Quote of the Month I am loving:
Lastly, next month is going to be very demanding and hard as I prepare for my last year of University and turn 21. A quote that really caught my eye recently is:
Although I am a risk-taker, doing things like camping at a festival (I am not a prude I promise!) is out of my comfort zone. Although it doesn't scare me as such, I want to start doing things that are more out of my comfort zone and experiencing things in life that I never thought I would.

So what are you loving this August? Any Bloggers I should read/ Vloggers I should watch? Or just a quote to inspire me. Comment below...

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