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Operation: Clean My Skin Up!

Yes I am calling operation clean-my-skin-up. The summer days and nights out have well and truly caught up with my face and currently I look like a pepperoni pizza. It's ok you can laugh too! For skincare, I have never really ventured out of the brands Simple or The Body Shop. As I'm only 21, I see it pointless spending outrageous amounts of money on skincare products. However, I cannot lie I have been tempted.

Avoiding the temptation, I did some blog research and saw that the Youtuber Sunbeam Jess recommended the Lush Ultrabland Cleanser in her Evening Skincare Routine ( She used it in a routine after using the Garnier Micellar Water (something I already own and love) and it is amazing for removing make up and avoiding those cheap make up wipes. It does say on the packaging that it is a cream cleanser, however, after using this product I would say it is more like a balm (as Sunbeam Jess said herself). I wipe a tiny amount all over my skin and then with a wet flannel just massage it off; clearing all the left over make up. After using this cleanser I do feel that my skin feels very naked and makeup-less leaving it able to breathe again. The really really nice lady in Lush told me that it has Rose Water in it to calm and soothe the skin and Almond Oil for Hydration. An excellent gain to my skincare routine. Retailing at £7.25:

Next was operation spots. As I said those Summer days and Nights have caught up with my skin; well and truly. Therefore, I needed something directly for those irritating pimples. I'm an avid reader of Vivianna Does MakeUp. Before she used the very pricey Origins Super Spot Remover, she used the product Grease Lightening by Lush. Apparently it is a very close, cheaper dupe of the high-end Origins super spot remover. Luckily, I went to Lush bare faced so could show the sales assistant what she was dealing with. She said that Grease Lightening will reduce the redness and the witch hazel will really kill off the spots. The product is infused with antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory natural products such as rosemary, thyme and tea-tree oil. Also, the lavender oil within the product is balancing and calming on your skin which is meant to be advantageous for those with the oily T-Zone. I haven't used this product extensively as of yet but it is doing the job at the moment. Retailing at £6.40:

Lastly, I have a suspicion that my skin may have been reacting to my Simple Anti-Blemish Moisturiser (and admittedly my diet). Therefore, I thought I would pick up a new moisturiser just in case. The lady in Lush discussed my skin with me, which I described as usually normal but every now and then I will have a breakout in my T-Zone when it's my "lady time" or if I have had a binge in all things sugary and fattening. The lady showed me numerous of types of moisturisers but highly recommended Imperialis Moisturiser. The reason behind this was because it was a light moisturiser (excellent before makeup application) but also because, again, it had Lavender Flower infusion (for balancing and calming). It also has anti-inflammatory, calming and antimicrobial Brunello Lily Petals that are benefitting for irritated or inflamed skin. However, it has a soothing, softening and cooling finish leaving your skin feeling hydrated and nourished. The lady mentioned it's the moisturiser to use when you're not sure what your skin needs because it is restoring and reviving. So... PERFECT! Retailing at £13.50:

Here's to getting my skin back on track! 
Let me know of any other skincare recommendations... I need some!
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  1. Love Lush, inexpensive and natural products that always seem to work.

    1. Couldn't agree more Yukova! Love your blog xxxx

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