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Belated October Love List

September was the month I turned 21 and started University for my Last year. So, this meant that I was unable to create a love list as I was not at home as often. But I will not disappoint. As October's love list is going to be jam-packed with 2 months worth of things I adore, lust and love.

What I am loving watching:
There are two choices over the course of these two months which I have been absolutely addicted to.

Firstly, The Walking Dead. I have heard many rave about this series before and have never really been interested in looking into what it is about. In summary, and by no means spoiler, it is an apocalyptic series that follows the journey of the main character, Rick Grimes (a sheriff's deputy in a small town). He awakes from a coma to see the world is completely over run by Zombie's and survival is the only motive. From this description and reputation of being a comic book series, leaves it sounding very childlike. But, one episode in, you see the darkness instilled in the series and that it is much more than what the description lays.

Secondly, (and a very blatant love of mine), is the new series of American Horror Story (Hotel). For me, AHS had let itself down with S4 Freak Show. But, the director, promised that this season would come back darker and would not let us fans down. I will admit I was a bit bitter about Lady Gaga taking over Jessica Lange as the main actress (as I love her!!!) but I am pleasantly surprised. Lady Gaga has brought a very dark, deranged and sexy take to the series. It is amazing so far because as always the many individual stories that unfold from each episode are well-thought out and all extremely different.

What I am loving to listen to:
I'm sorry but there is nobody else that compares. I am loving listening (on repeat) the new Adele song 'Hello'. My favourite singer is back! She is a musical genius and that's all there is to it. Not only did she bring out her song but a release date for her Album '25' for the 20th of November. I literally can't even contain my excitement for this.

The music video could be a contender for what I love watching as well. Her english country style and make up in the video is to die for. 

What am I loving to read:
As an English Literature Undergraduate, I read a lot. Too much for my own sanity. But over the last months, in pure honesty, the book I have loved to read is a golden-oldie 'American Psycho'. My dissertation choice is American Literature so this was not a read, necessarily, out of desire. But, I have never been as surprised as I was reading something I never expected to be gripped too. Patrick Bateman is the existential-hero archetype lost in a world of consumerism and postmodernity. His whole means of identity is flawed and following the mind of a psycho is extremely different and shocking. At times, the novel is graphic but the concept of the novel overall demonstrates that the American society was chaotic and this was the result of such chaos. Mind-blowingly good. 

What I am loving to wear:
Easy Peasy. September was the ending of festival season. So I was lusting over my Motel Rocks Co-ord that I wore at Bestival. But this month, It's all about those chunky knit sweaters. Maybe the student in me has taken comfort over style. *shamefully* But nothing beats being cosy, warm and comfortable sitting in a lecture for 2 hours at a time. H&M have the best options out at the moment. 

What I am loving to smell:
It is the season of cold nights and frosty mornings which means it is, inevitably, going to be a candle of some sort. But, surprisingly, it is not a Yankee Candle or a Bath and Body works Candle I'm about to rave about. It's Sainsburys! They have a fantastic range of scents in all different sizes and prices. The two scents that stuck out to me were 'Orchid and Sweet Coconut' and 'Lavender and Geranium'. My favourite out of the two is definitely the Lavender scent. University is causing me a lot of stress and sleepless nights and Lavender is a perfect home remedy for stress relief, improving sleep, relieving anxiety and headaches/migraines. A win for me; especially at the cost of £3.50 each for medium sized, glass holder candles.

What I am loving beauty product wise:
Neutrogena Visibly Clear Spot Treatment Control Daily Scrub...

Say hello to my best skincare friend. I have always been a bit snooty whilst in Boots looking at skin care. But after reading Caroline Hirons I knew what to look for in products that would be beneficial for my skin in a crisis. Money isn't always the key to a good face product. Caroline Hirons says to try to look for skincare products with certain acids in. This Neutrogena Daily Scrub has Lactic acid (great for dehydrated and dry skin as it resurfaces), Glycolic Acid (stimulating for for better collagen production so it resurfaces also) and Salicylic Acid (a surprisingly gentle acid for spots/breakouts/acne). All ones Caroline Hirons recommends. This genuinely has recovered my skin from the breakouts I have had. Yes the inner is a reflection on your outer... in other words, I need to stop stressing out! And Neutrogena has helped my skin stop stressing at only £4.79. I will definitely keep repurchasing until I become snooty again and go for a high end product. This will always be in my cupboard, however. 

What Blogger I am loving - LYDIA ELISE MILLEN (
The Blogger I have been loving this coming autumn is Lydia Elise Millen. She doesn't just blog about the usual things we all tend to read but she explores things that we would love to read. Involving motivational fitness content and, my most recent favourite, an adult review about Disneyland Paris. The level of sophistication and interesting content really has influenced me to think more differently and uniquely in terms of my blog.

What Vlogger I am loving - SARAH ASHCROFT (
Although this Vlogger is a Blogger too, I have in particular loved her recent videos. Sarah Ashcroft's make up is on fleek. Yes we all know she is the best dressed girl in the UK (without a shadow of a doubt) but her make up is absolutely flawless. The best thing about the make up she uses is that she doesn't always use high end products so the looks she creates are done with affordable products. My recent favourite look has got to be this:

What Photo I have loved capturing:

Just because it's that time where the Christmas decorations begin...
Even in Barcelona..
And it's pink and glittery with gingerbread men. Just saying.

What App/Website I am loving:
TUMBLR! I am officially obsessed. It genuinely has changed my life. This sounds very sad so let me elaborate. The aspects of culture such as fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel are explored in amazing photography. This has made my bucket list, wish list and outlook expand. I have seen life in a bit of a new light. Everyone needs to search Travel in Tumblr. The images are just mind-blowing. Tumblr isn't just about reblogging pictures that you think are cute or are pretty. You can see loads of things in different perspectives. How to style certain fashion items or how beautiful the minimalistic things are in life. 

What Drink/Food I am loving:
Vanilla Latte! It's the season of hot drinks and Starbucks Christmas cups. I have always stuck to the syrup Vanilla. But this month, I have been tempted to try the Christmas specials in Starbucks.

What Quote I am loving:

I love this quote! Sometimes we forget that we are our own designers to are life's. So, let us all design well. Do the things you want to in life.

What I have loved in general: 
In general, I have been loving photography. For my 21st, I was fortunate enough to get the Olympus Pen E-PL7. The camera of every bloggers dreams. It has really inspired me to focus more on my photography for my blog now. The wifi built in the camera is the best thing on earth! Such a fantastic camera. Let me know if you would like a blogpost on the technicality behind the E-PL7. I wouldn't say I'm an expert but I have definitely learnt some tricks.

What were you loving last month? Let me know in the comments below...
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