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What Cosmo taught me this month?

My favourite season has arrived. Not just because it is the season of my birthday but because I am a bit of a home bird. So what do my Autumn nights-in require? Oh yes *relaxed sigh and puts feet up*... a mug of tea, Malteasers, a candle and a copy of Cosmo. Alongside a fluffy dressing gown/blanket and slippers. Ahhh....All cosy and snug, reading about all things women love while the air outside is becoming crisp.

But! I will admit I have the rare condition of beauty and fashion obsession and thus, I do like to take tips and read Cosmo extensively. Almost like a researcher of what I need to invest in for the new looks and trends of the season. Taking notes and being a Cosmo-Geek.

However, Cosmo always does teach me more than the latest trends/beauty tips/locations to visit etc. And that is to be more open-minded.

Here's an example... this month there was an article on how to wear a leather skirt correctly. Leather skirts have recently exploded in every fashion retail shop on the list. However, every time I walk in to a shop on the high street and see one, I just can't avoid thinking I would look like Kat Slater wearing one. But Cosmo have laid out 5 simple rules to make it one classy and sophisticated look. (I won't let go of their secret so purchase it to find out!) Overall, Cosmo has always given me that push that I needed to be a bit more open-minded to myself and also to latest trends/discoveries. They truly value every woman's desires and needs.

As I was taking notes on what is going to be the top trends of the Autumn season, I shall share only some...

  • Fashion: Floral, 80's, Chic Geek and Bohemian 
  • Keep your office looking retro 
  • The new fashion site to keep your eyes peeled on: (affordably priced)
  • Get plaiting and braiding your hair but sophisticatedly. 
  • Fleur de force has inspired and motivated me even more after reading her interview.
  • The nail shade hot right now: Barry M Sunset Nail Pail in 'Dark Side of the Shroom'
  • The Christmas Wish List: Bobbi Brown Greige Eye shadow palette (a mix of matte and metallic shades- perfect for a smokey eye) 

The above are all things I may never have ventured into trying or looking at if it wasn't for Cosmo. So thank you Cosmo for making me more of an open-minded woman! 

What did you all learn from Cosmo this month?
Or do you have any insights on new autumnal trends?
Let me know, I'd love to hear from you all.

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  1. Hey! Great post and I LOVE your Blog design!!!!! I love how white and easy to navigate it is.....I am really jealous!! :( I like how useful you find Cosmo, I do too but for a different reason! I love how open minded to women they are, like how they use real models as well as the standard ones, how they fight for women's rights and needs and how they gently persuade you to look after your own health too. It is one of my favourite magazines and I have read it for years now and I don't see myself giving it up any time soon! x x x x

    1. Hi Sarah! Thank you for your kind words. I have also been a lover of Cosmo for years! You are so right, Cosmo is just absolute perfection. Gives a sense of complete girl power! xx


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