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Kiehl's - Midnight Recovery Concentrate Oil - The Miracle Night time Skincare Product

The miracle night time oil. Another skincare essential that has saved my skin but also my nails.

When I was in Barcelona, I stumbled across a Kiehls shop. After reading ViviannaDoesMakeup and Caroline Hirons, I have always lusted over purchasing a product from Kiehls. One that I have noticed is very popular in the blogging world was the Midnight Recovery Concentrate (the Night Oil). Night time specific products have never been of interest to me. But if a product says it will do all the work you require whilst you're sleeping, you're going to be putting it in a basket. 
When I walked into the store, I have never been so fascinated and interested. The store is set up like a laboratory and even the staff members are wearing lab coats. I will admit, this reassured me that all staff knew what they were talking about but also that the products are carefully made with all ingredients we need.

And there it was, standing out in amongst all the other products. The Midnight Recovery; in a beautiful dark blue glass bottle. It just screamed luxurious. But, now I have become more aware of the ingredients my skin needs. I wasn't just lured to purchase by the prettiness and minimalism of the bottle. I needed to make sure the product had some key ingredients!

It didn't disappoint. It had my favourite... Lavender oil! Lavender oil is a natural inflammatory which helps soothe inflamed or irritated skin creating a brighter and more radiant look to your skin. But not only this, the lavender is a natural stress reliever and it helps you sleep at night. As a night-time product, this was a clever move of Kiehl's to add this ingredient. It also has Evening Primrose which acts as natural skin barrier to protect, repair and boost radiance. But the overall promise this bottle of loveliness stated it would do is restore moisture into the skin. The ingredient that I was surprised that would do this was Squalane, again, a natural ingredient. It is easily absorbed and therefore, making it an easy task for your skin to retain moisture. So it was purchased and I also received some amazing samples alongside it.
So... returning home from Barcelona and awaiting night-time, what was my overall opinion?

So Kiehl's suggests 2-3 drops from the dropper, managed by the button on the top of the bottle. It is a hug in a bottle. I have been trying it for about a week now hoping and praying it does not break me out. It does not!! Hallelujah. But not only this, it has done everything it says on the bottle. When I wake up, my skin seems brighter, more radiant and even more moisturised. This is now a holy grail product. When I started using it, I had a few unwanted pimples and it has even sorted them out. But even better, it has interestingly helped me sleep much better. I also suffer from horrendous migraines and I can only assume the Lavender oil has helped protect me from them. I'm in love with this product and cannot emphasise enough how amazing it is.

I had heard this product is also amazing to use on nails. It has even help harden my nails (brushing away cuticles) and restoring moisture back into my dry hands (thanks to the winter). Kiehl's also state you can use it on your feet and dry parts of your body but also in your bath. I'm yet to try this but I will be and I know I won't be disappointed. I have also tried the sample 'Creme de corps' Body Moisturiser which is a non-greasy hydrating moisturiser. After shaving your legs, this is perfect. It protects your legs, especially in these cold days, from getting dry. Again I'm so pleased with this product and will be buying it. Kiehl's has definitely made me want to invest in more of their range. 

You can browse/buy the product here:

I now look forward to my night time skincare routine but also to a perfect night's sleep. Thank you Kiehl's.

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  1. I really want to try this...I just need to accept that its worth parting with the money for this holy grail product!

    1. That is what I originally thought as well! But it is well worth it.. I have been using it for a week and it's barely even visible that I have been using it. The product will last you ages! Plus it is just divine! xxxx


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