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November Love List

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Welcome to my November Love list, consuming all things that have been favourable for me this month. Goodbye gloomy, rainy days and hopefully, hello snow! I'm apathetic with November. It just drags and in University it means the first essay deadlines. Christmas is the only thing motivating me through this drool of a month. But enough complaining, I have been loving certain things in November. Read on to find out...

What I have been loving watching:
November requires nights in, snuggled up in a thick blanket enjoying television and lots of Maltesers. Instead of the usual Netflix, I've been an addict with casual television. So, two saturday night programmes that have been on my screen are: 'I'm A Celebrity Get me out of here!' and, shamefully, X Factor. But, admittedly I have been loving them both.

i'm a celebrity blog post lady c

I'm A Celeb has been having me almost gagging (at the food challenge), laughing until my stomach hurts and angry. Lady C pains me and causes me such anger. In comparison to last year, the celebrities are so much better and there is a lot more conflicting characters in the jungle. Who do I want to win? Tony or George. They are just normal people and you can tell are not in it for the extra fame. Who do I want out? Lady C!!!!!

x factor 2015 blog post louisa johnson

And... X Factor! This has been the first year where I have thought every person on the Final Show deserves a place. Although, from day one I have supported Louisa Johnson to be the winner. My favourite performance has to be Louisa Johnson's version of Everybody's Free (from Romeo & Juliet).

What I am loving listening to:
Remedy by Adele. Short, sweet but to the point. Her new album is out and has sold almost 3 million copies in it's first week. After listening to the album a thousand times, I can't not mention that as a whole it has been something I am loving. Yes, I know Hello was placed as my October Favourite Song but Adele is by far one of my favourite singers. This song is the best on her album '25' and easily could be a No.1 track. Remedy is a heart-felt ballad directed to her son Angello. But not just her son, to all her loved ones. Promising she will be there for those who she cares about. A song about something we all want to remember to do and keep to.

adele 25 album blog post 2015 favourites

What I am loving to read: 
This November, I have been truly aspired to do more with my blog for the New Year. Building, creating and planning is work in progress. This is all down to the magazine, Blogosphere. The magazine is directed mainly to bloggers or those who may be aspiring to blog. Its content isn't just showcasing blogs/bloggers but it also provides inspiration, help and tools. It was an obvious buy for me this month. As it had an interview with Sammi (BeautyCrush), the blogger that inspired me to start. Blogosphere also had an article from the beauty blogger named Grace; discussing how Beauty Bloggers are more than what they are labelled. Grace affirms we are women writers who are able, thankfully to blogging, to write with integrity and personality fuelled by extreme curiosity. And I absolutely agree. Blogosphere is something you need to purchase. I am still referring back to it days after I received it for myself and to tell people. The magazine is only £4 and you can purchase it at WHSmith's.

Blogosphere magazine issue 7 blog post samantha maria bloggers

What I am loving to wear:
I have been loving wearing my Nike Air Pegasus 83 Beige Leather Trainers. Believe it or not, this is my first pair of Nike Trainers and they are the most comfiest shoes I have worn ever.
nike pegasus 83 shoes beige khaki blog post favourites desert cameo

The perfect colours for every season. Beige and Khaki. I love teaming these with a beige bomber jacket, jumper and a pair of jeans. A comfort university outfit. Shop them here:

What I am loving to smell:
The Frankincense and Myrrh Scent Collection in Marks and Spencer's. My mum has bought this every year for Christmas and when it draws closer to the end of November and beginning of December, she sprays it everywhere. This scent reminds me of so many memories of Christmas, from childhood to teens. But more importantly, it reminds me of spending great times with my family. This is the perfect Christmas scent with rich and luxurious Frankincense accompanied with sweet musky Myhrr. If I was to compare this scent to another, it would be said it resembles Amber.

What beauty product I am currently loving:
Firstly, I want to start by saying some big beauty product related gossip. NYX Cosmetics has finally been released on Boots and, FeelUnique. I hastily bought a few items from NYX and every product has left me with a sense of euphoria. So, in general, I have been loving a beauty brand this month. Is that cheating the question? I made the rules so it can't be. If you're feeling cheated, don't worry.. I'm being truthful of NYX but vague because I have a post awaiting to be released on the products I bought. But I will quickly mention and slightly give you a clue, the NYX 3C Palette - Conceal, Correct and Contour has won my heart this month. If you have not heard of NYX, I'll tell you what you need to know. They are a drugstore, affordably priced brand, however, I would say of high-end quality. For example, the Micro Brow pencil is the drugstore exact of the Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz. They also have every shade of lipstick and eyeshadow you can imagine.

Here's a Tumblr Photo of some of the collection:
nyx cosmetics uk blog post

The Blogger/Vlogger I am loving: 

Sammi is ultimately my favourite blogger/vlogger ever. Her sense of style is undeniably stunning. She turns classic, girly, glamorous pieces into multiple stylish and versatile outfits. Not only this but you can tell she loves her career which inspired me to pursue blogging in my life also. I cannot get enough of her youtube videos or her blogging content. My favourite latest Youtube Video was Sammi's Outfits of the Week:, where she turns everyday outfits into classic chic.
samantha maria beauty crush blogger review favourites youtube blog post

What photo I have loved capturing this month:
As you have probably seen, I went to Barcelona at the beginning of the month. Most photo's I have captured there I adore due to the beauty of the city. But this is my favourite:
Barcelona port beach view blog post travel blogger travel spain

I think everyone forgets about the beautiful beaches/port situated in Barcelona. I certainly was guilty of such. May I just add this photo was taken at the beginning of November. Are you as jealous as me about the beaming sun they still have in are Autumn months?

What app/website I am loving:
Instagram! This month I have been loving putting lots of new and fresh content up on my blog Instagram. Also experimenting with loads of different photo editing apps to really emphasise the items in post. One of my goals this year was to really up my game, now I have the Olympus Pen E-PL7 on photography. After extensive research, I stumbled across a blog post written by Lauren's Looks. The post discusses loads of iPhone apps that focus on ways to edit Instagram photo's.
As my camera connects to wifi, I can send photo's straight from it to my phone to edit and then upload to Instagram.

What Drink/Food I am loving:

MALTESERS in general. The chocolate bar, the bag of chocolates, the celebration maltesers and the hot chocolate version. Just hoping for a Malteser advent calendar now.

What quote I am loving:
Blogosphere thatgracegirl blogger magazine blog post review favourites

My favourite quote is definitely from the Blogosphere Magazine from That Grace Girl's Article.
  "Beauty Blogging is proof that it is possible to be both an 
unapologetic hoarder of lipstick and fiercely intelligent." 

What I am loving in general:
Planning. As I have mentioned, I have been aspiring to really take my blog to another level and pursue it further. Over the past month, I have been setting myself goals, planning content, planning design work and heaps more. 2016 is going to be a big year for me and It'sCultured. Watch this space!
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Let me know what you've been loving this month, I'd love to know! 
Also, if you've been loving the same as me, I'd also love to know...
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