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There are four different women that influence and motivate me and keep me determined for all different things. Let me tell you who and why...

From Left to Right - Top to Bottom: In The Frow, That Pommie Girl, Samantha Maria and Pandora Skyes

For Motivation - Victoria's blog (in the Frow) was one of the first blog's I ever read. She is not faulted in her drive and determination. Every time Victoria writes a new post I, her avid reader, am quick to read it. Her personality and writing style have completely drawn me in and she really motivated to start my blog. Victoria makes me want to never give up and make sure I never stop trying and pursuing my goals. Her passion for her career is the most endearing trait in her writing and personality. So if you want motivation, read Victoria's Blog, IntheFrow.

For Style - Sarah Ashcroft is the blogger I look to for style influence. Her style covers every trend and for a student, they are mostly from affordable sites. Her flawless photographs really demonstrate the elegance and sheer quality of every outfit she puts together. I'm not going to lie every time I go on her blog, I end up with a 20-page long wishlist and I turn into a big green monster of jealousy. She is the epitome of personal style and every outfit she owns. So if you are looking for ultimate style influence, visit Sarah Ashcroft's blog, That Pommie Girl.

For Influence and Tenacity - Samantha Maria is influential in many ways to me. She was the first Vlogger I watched growing up and a lot of my beauty products came from her recommendation. But more importantly, Samantha Maria is a tenacious person. She never stops being determined in growing her blog and youtube channel, starting a fashion brand or setting new goals for herself. Being a university student, myself, and seeing how successful she's made her own self rather than going into a career from University is so inspiring. If you want to read/watch someone who is extremely inspiring and know you will always expect something new and different from, Samantha Maria is the one to follow. She just oozes positivity.

For Honesty - Pandora Sykes is a new blogger I have found in 2015. One thing I have noticed from first approaching her blog was that she was not afraid to speak her mind. More importantly, Pandora speaks the truth about femininity, social aspects of life and style. Not only is her fashion style truthful to herself and inspiring but her writing style is spectacularly literate. In all honesty, she should be writing for The Times. But Pandora is a voice we want to hear. Her honesty is endearing and she covers topics we all secretly want to know the answers to. Pandora also indicates what is BS and what is worthy of listening to. A powerful trait to have as a female speaking to other females. She demonstrates a stimulus for social commentary and is inciteful on more important issues in life. If you want honesty, Pandora Sykes will give you just that!

Who are your favourite bloggers to read or look up to? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Oh my god! I love Sammi too!! She was the first blogger I ever followed and the only one that still remains after all these years!great post btw :)

    Eva from

    1. She is definitely one of the best! Glad you liked the post! Love your Blog Eva xxx


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