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My 2016 Goals...

I'm not a great believer in New Years Resolutions, no one sticks to them. What I prefer to do is write down my goals for the year in my notebook, something to refer back to and aspire to throughout the whole year. But they are always realistic and specific to stages of my life during that year. Here are my goals...

My first goal is to Graduate. June 2016 is time to finish education and face the big-wide-world. This is an exciting hurdle to cross in my life. Finally, I'll be able to pursue my life and start taking it in a direction I want to go in.

Pursue Career
This leads me to next goal of 2016. Finally, a chance to pursue my career goal. As an English Literature student, many expect me to take the road of becoming a teacher but because I love to be different, that is not where I want to go in my life. Personally, I love to write and one day would love to create a collection of my own short stories (It's ok to dream, right?). But I have another career goal... can you guess... yes, Beauty PR!

Start saving for my own place
Although it is not on the top of my list but it is a goal I will set myself this year. Finishing university is a harder hurdle than being at university. Money causes problems but, I do want to start saving for my own place. Saving is always something I struggle with. Yes, I love a splurge! But this year I will mean business.

Get Rid of Clutter
So as you can see, this year means really getting organised for university, finishing university and starting my life outside of education. I am in serious need of decluttering. Yes, that may mean defeating the goal above and splurging on some storage. But Ikea doesn't mean any harm on the bank account. I will do a blog post on my storage once I've sorted out the clutter. But like my mother says, a tidy place means a tidy mind. 

Drink More Water and Take More Vitamins
2015 was a tough year in regards to my health. But this year I will beat it. My first way is to start with Vitamins. I already take Vitamin C but admittedly not as often as I should. I really do not drink enough water or take enough vitamins. So this year I want to start investing in me and my body. As many say, vitamins are the best prescription. As for water, I have seen there are many bottles that have the correct amount of hourly intake labelled. The best I have seen on the market is HydrateM8 with the capacity to hold 900ml of water. It starts from 8 am to 6 pm, requiring two refill's after 1 pm and after 7 pm.

Start Youtube and Grow Blog
2016 I want to take It's Cultured to a whole new level. I am so passionate about my blog and you can expect to hear a lot more from me in this coming year! Not only this I want to start a new platform and that will be Youtube (after university). This year has been a turning point for really beginning my blog but come this time next year, hopefully, I'll be in the midst of growing it and my voice online.

Get My Health On Track
As I said before, this year has been tough in regards to my health. But I'm going to beat it and get myself back on the road to recovery. My 2016 goal, in regards to health, is to start stress-free exercise. Therefore, Yoga is on the list. Stress is the bain of my life. My body tells me I am stressed before I even know I am. So Yoga will really help to connect my body and mind together. Not only this, my diet needs significant improvement. Although this year I have adapted and changed many things already in my diet, this year I want to really improve it. Not necessarily 'clean eating' (a term that bothers me, incredibly) but more about creating a balanced diet.

Stop Stressing Out! 
As I have said, stress is my worst enemy. This year to rid myself of it, I'm going to really start to adapt and change aspects of my lifestyle that could potentially be the route to its causation. No, that doesn't mean quitting University but it means learning coping strategies and ways to calm down when times get tough. Yes, Yoga and organisation are at the top of my list but learning relaxation techniques is there also.

Stop Worrying about WHAT IF'S.
This is one thing I have acknowledged as something I stress out about. What if's... Everyone overthinks situations and tries to create better outcomes to them in their mind. But I really need to remember, nothing in life is a mistake. It is a lesson. No more contemplating changing the past and more focusing on the future and what wonderful things it has waited for me.

Travel more of the World
Now this isn't a goal of just 2016, this will always be a permanent goal in my life. Finishing University will open up a chance for me to do more of it so that's why it's a goal for 2016. Who doesn't want to see more of the world? Next on the list is Thailand.

I will document my progress on everything and share it with you all. So expect to see posts related on each goal in the coming year. What are your 2016 goals? Let me know....


  1. Stress is a definite one for me too! I'm finding 'mindfullness' is really helping though (I got a book on it for Christmas!) it encourages meditation and living in the moment. Good luck with the end of Uni!

    1. So many people have told me about this! What's the book called? Thank you! Love your blog xxx

  2. One of my goals is to start YouTube too - Good luck in 2016 lovely, I'm sure you and your blog will smash all of your 2016 goals!

    Holly |

    1. Aww! We'll have to collaborate in the future! Thank you very much <3. You will too! Your blog is great xxx

  3. I really want to worry less this year as well and do less 'what ifs.' I'm so guilty of saying "what if" to almost everything and it's an awful cycle!

    1. Aren't we all! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I agree it is an awful cycle! I'll be doing a blog post on how to get over what if's very soon and how I am accomplishing getting rid of thinking that way! Sophie xxx


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