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December Love List

Welcome to yet again another love list. My favourite one of them all, December. A month where there is lots of love and joy, cosy nights in by the fire and lots of Christmas films. This list is going to be consumed with all things favourable this month for me. Although this month is always filled with stress, there's always a good end enjoyed with family and friends. December is filled with purchases for the party period and festive inspired makeup looks. Read on to find out what I have been loving...

What I have loved to watch:
This month I really have been indulging in Christmas films, obviously. Therefore, I cannot deny the fact they all would be classified as a favourite of mine this month. However, this month there has been a film, in particular, I have loved to watch and that is Black Mass. Johnny Depp plays a very dark American gangster (a different role for him, perhaps?) and I was blown away with his unique method acting. It was a great film based on true events. Johnny Depp performs alongside a phenomenal cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Joel Edgerton and Dakota Johnson and it honestly was worth every minute of viewing time. It was such a gripping storyline with amazing acting.

What I have loved to listen too:
This is a band that I came to know about through Radio 1 and have been glued to ever since. Oh Wonder! They are a London based duo that focus mainly in alternative style music. To me they are the type of music to listen to when doing work, blogging or driving. Times when you're in a desperate need of a chilled vibe. My favourite song on their album is by far 'Body Gold'. Go to Oh Wonder's Soundcloud and check them out!

What I am loving to read:
This is an easy choice for me this month. When I was in Home Sense, I managed to pick up the Liz Earle Skin Secrets book. At the time, I was struggling with breakouts from an increase in stress and this really really really has helped me to understand a lot about skin and remedies that help. This book literally covers everything! For example, what influences your skin, how to look after it, how to feed your skin (including recipes) and more importantly, how to relax, unwind and sleep. I am half way through the book and I already want to put this out there... Thank you, Liz. You are the skincare guru I have been searching for. I could sit with this book and a notepad and write down so many ways to improve my skin.

What I am loving to wear:
This month... I shamefully have been loving wearing my onsie. But December is definitely that type of month. Although, it's very Christmassy themed, I'm still going to rock it all bloomin winter.

What I am loving to smell:
If you have read my What I got for Christmas post, you would have seen I was lucky enough to receive the Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb perfume. I cannot express enough how luxurious this fragrance is. To me, this is a deep sensuous scent, that I would save for nights out. It is sweet and floral smelling but the mandarin and orange notes make the scent all the more warm and exotic.

What cosmetic and skincare products I have loved:

This has been a month where I have splurged and been blessed with many new products to test and try. However, one I have been using all month was the Nars Sheer Glow. Yes, that's right... I have found myself my all time favourite foundation. For a long time, I have used the Laura Mercier (Silk Creme and Smooth Finish Flawless Fluid) and Mac Studio Fix. Although, Laura Mercier foundations have always been my favourite, they are extremely light coverage (which is by no means buildable) but I would say it's more my summer go to foundation. Mac Studio Fix is extremely yellow toned and I don't feel it actually compliments my tone of skin. As said also by the Sales Assistant in Space Nk for Nars. Nars Sheer Glow is by far the best consistency, colour match, buildable medium coverage and non-breaking out foundation ever. Yes, that was a lot of information in one sentence but it is true! I cannot emphasise my love for it enough.

Now, everybody knows this is the month for Lush. So... without further ado, my favourite skincare product of the month is Snowfairy Shower gel. This just gets me so excited for Christmas and the New Year because I stock up on a big bottle or two every year at this time. It's such a sweet candy smell and it sinks into your skin gracing you all day with the scent. Just perfect.

I guess it's only fair I give you a mini haul of what I picked up in Lush: Snow fairy Shower gel, Cinders Bath bomb, Mmmelting Marshmellow Moment Bath Oil and Father Christmas Bath Bomb.

What blogger/vlogger I am loving:
By far this month, I have been loving Estee Lalonde. Every blog post and every video, her personality really shines through. Alongside that, she is just a lovely woman full of enthusiasm for her career which is inspiring to watch and read. Check out her blog and youtube! The photo below is from a blog... I adore her style and natural makeup.

What photo I have loved capturing:

Winter Wonderland at Christmas is now a must do for me every year. This year, in comparison to the years before I went, they really homed in on decorations and making it extra Christmassy.

What app/website I am loving:
I probably have mentioned this site before but this month I have really been loving Pinterest. As it is a new year and a new start (sorry to be cliche), I decided for one of my 2016 goals my life needs a serious declutter. Pinterest has such amazing home inspiration for storage and introduced me to the delights of Kikki K Planners. I have ordered a planner and really taken the inspirational posts on board by adding new storage and adapting the organisation tactics. All will be documented on the blog so you can see.

What quote I am loving:

Courtesy of Tumblr of course! This is my quote of the month because I am the sucker who does this such thing. I am the worrier of all worriers, to the point it dramatically stresses me out. This is going to be my Mac's background to remind me every bleeding day not necessarily everything that I worry about is going to bloody happen.

What I am loving in general:
Organising. I really have been investing in tidying up my overly cluttered room that I have definitely outgrown and tidying up my life in general. If you have read my 2016 goals, this year has many hurdles and stressful times. From finishing university to pursuing my career (finally!), so really getting on top of things is essential for me. I am a bit of a Monica from friends when it comes to tidying and organising but it does satisfy me keeping my life on track. I recently did a Home Sense shop and a haul will be up on the blog very soon along with an organisational post.

So that is it for my December love list. Hopefully, you all had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year. Leave me comments below on what you are loving, I'd love to hear! Also, if you are loving similar things to me... let me know!


  1. NARS Sheer Glow is my favourite foundation, I love the finish of it! I've also been wearing my onesie throughout winter, I love them! Xx

    1. It is a gorgeous foundation! I love your blog! xxx


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