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#1 My High Definition Brow Journey

I have decided to go on a journey... a brow one! After going through a love hate relationship with my brows, I decided to grow them out and go and get myself High Definition Brows done. This is a process where every 6 weeks I will go back for another treatment but, I will have fuller and more defined brows. I thought it would be brilliant to document my journey and bring you guys along with me. So here is Part one...

Growing up, I have had really sparse brows and, although, I am dark brunette I have struggled with fuller natural brows. High Definition Brows has always been tempting to me and I thought the minute 2016 hit, I would have it done. Having said this, I knew I had to grow them out and suffer with gorilla looking brows for a few months before.

High Definition Brows is much more than eyebrow shaping. It involves waxing, tinting, threading and even plucking, regardless of whatever condition your brows are in. Then to finish, High Definition Makeup is used to show you the full look. After my first trip, I am already sold into buying the make up. I would say it leaves a natural coverage but leaving your brows looking fuller and perfected. Whether it be sparse, over-plucked or even the unruliest looking brows. What originally tempted me was the fact that each stylist is trained in inspecting your face shape and catering your brows to suit it. Not only this, you are added onto a regrowth programme when you first have High Definition brows done. As long as you keep up your appointments and go every 4-6 weeks, the difference is phenomenal.

For anyone who lives down south, I highly recommend booking an appointment at Erin's Beauty Salon in Fareham with Michelle. She's a brow goddess. Here are my transformation photos of part 1. Mind the red face and overgrown gorilla brows, it doesn't hurt at all and I grew them out purposefully. But I have very sensitive skin when it comes to waxing and threading.

I will be documenting the whole journey but already, you can see how amazing the transformation is. I'm so happy with the change and can finally feel more confident with my brows. They are no longer sparse and undefined.

Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Drop me a comment for anything referring brows.

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