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How I Deep Clean My Makeup Brushes?

how i clean my make up brushes real techniques baby shampoo
We are all guilty of being a teeny weeny bit lazy when it comes to cleaning our makeup brushes. But, Real Techniques have made this such an easy job with their new Brush Cleansing Palette and Cleanser gel. Cleaning your makeup brushes can, ultimately, save your skin from breakouts and helps better application of makeup. Baby shampoo is a cheaper alternative to the brush cleansing gel and still gives the same fantastic results. Make up artists have even stated how much they use baby shampoo for cleaning their brushes. I would highly recommend doing this for those who have problem prone skin. It rids any impurities, makeup and oils out of your brushes that may be the reason behind a few of one's pimples. I know it seems like a mundane task and repurchasing brushes may sometimes be a simpler and easier thing to do. I can assure you, however, Real techniques have made this a quick, simple and easy evening task, which is weirdly satisfying. Believe me, this is worth reading! Want to find out how I clean my brushes? Read on...

What you will need:

Step 1:

how i clean my make up brushes real techniques baby shampoo
Put the cleansing palette on your hand so that it fits comfortably in your palm and start running the hot water tap so that it warms up.

Step 2:

how i clean my make up brushes real techniques baby shampoo
Squeeze a tiny amount of the cleanser gel/baby shampoo onto the middle of the palette. A little does go a long way. I do add more as the process goes a long but start off with a tiny amount.

Step 3:

how i clean my make up brushes real techniques baby shampoo
Add your hot water so that it fills the palette. You don't want to add too much as your brush will take longer to dry. You do need enough, however, to comfortably seep the product out.

Step 4:

how i clean my make up brushes real techniques baby shampoo
Start to swirl the brush round in circular motions on the palette, facing downwards. The makeup will start to seep out and change the colour of the water. Make sure you move the brush up and down the multi-textured surface because each third gets rid of the impurities in different ways. Keep tipping the water out and adding clean water. If need be, keep adding more cleanser gel/baby shampoo to the palette, until you are content that the brush is thoroughly clean. Avoid putting the brush under the tap at all times.

Step 5:

how i clean my make up brushes real techniques baby shampoo
Firstly, squeeze some of the water out by facing it downwards and only lightly. When you are content with the results, it is time to reshape the brush. As this brush is a buffing brush, I'm pressing it ever so slightly against my palm to reshape it. 

Step 6:

how i clean my make up brushes real techniques baby shampoo

Here is the result! Next you want to leave the brush to dry. When the brush is dry, you will notice the brush shape falls back naturally. So do not worry that some bristles clump together when they are wet.

Here are some tips on what NOT to do:
  • Do not hold the brush upwards underneath the water. The water will get inside the holder and will detach the end of the brush from it.
  • Always swirl the brush in circular motions lightly; vigorous movements will give brush hair fall out.
  • Never use normal shampoo! Baby shampoo is used due to the gentle nature it instills. Normal shampoo is too harsh.
  • Do not use cold water.
  • Do not over use the cleanser gel and shampoo!

So there's my tips on how to clean your makeup brushes. There are many ways on how to do this but this has been the best way for me. For anyone who is interested in the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette, it genuinely is amazing. It helps clean away any makeup, oil and impurities from the bristles. It has a multi-textured surface with large, medium and small bumps, which gives great results. It is quick and easy to use and each brush is done within a minute, if you clean them regularly. Not only this, it detoxifies and purifies your brushes. Cleaner brushes give better results, after all! I have also found, since using the palette, my brushes are lasting so much longer and are looking a lot healthier. Honestly, could not recommend this enough and it is only £12.99! It comes with two samples of the cleanser gel, which I have also used. Again, it is amazing product that will last you a long while due to the little amount needed for each brush! The Cleanser gel is great value too, at only £6.99!

Side note: All Real Techniques Products are currently 3for2 in Superdrug.

Hope you learnt some tips from this post and would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below with any questions, further tips or if you want more information on any of the products.


  1. I have apparently been cleaning my brushes all wrong, wahh! I need this real techniques brush cleaner though it looks easy to use and perfect. I am glad you mentioned to not put your brush directly under running water because this is the mistake I have been making. = |

    1. Honestly the real techniques tool will help you develop a routine and keep your brushes in good condition! Don't worry if you have been cleaning them wrong, just start from now and it should all be okay! Glad my post helped you xxx

  2. I've got one by Revolution,at Superdrug,it cost about £4.99!


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