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January Love List

Welcome to yet again another Love List post, on all things that have been favourable to me this month. January is such a horrible month, to say the least. Not only is it filled of January Blues but it means exams and coursework deadlines for any student. Despite this, I have found love in certain things this month! I have updated, for 2016, the list of things I will talk about. To see what I have been loving and what's new to the list, read on...

What I have loved to watch:

This Month I have been loving two things to watch.

Daytime Tv: CBB Big Brother
This has been the most dramatic Big Brother I have seen ever. Well since Katie Hopkins. But Tiffany is by far keeping me watching. Out of all the Big Brothers I have watched, she is by far the most entertaining. She adds drama, laughs and just general sassiness to the house. As far as I'm concerned, I would love Darren to win. He is by far the most likeable person in the house. Who do you want to win?

Netflix or Movie: Netflix Series- Making a Murderer.

This series had me screaming, shouting and pulling my hair out. I do find it hard to say I loved the series because, ultimately, a man's life is being ruined yet again by an unfair justice system. I have never been so gobsmacked at the events that occur. Without giving any spoilers away, there are some interesting theories that have arose and would recommend anyone who has watched the show to read this article and watch the video on one particular theory. It will give some light and direction of thought. Overall, I have loved the series because it is about time someone who is innocent is portrayed that way. My hat is taken off to Netflix for the masterpiece they created.

What I have loved to listen to:


Now, although this was only released on the 29th of January, I have listened to it all day on repeat. Rihanna is officially back. I mean Kim Kardashian has had two children since her last album. That's how long it has been!!?? It is not her best album of them all but there are some masterpieces on the album. My two favourites are 'Desperado' and 'Sex with Me'. My anticipation has been fulfilled, thank god.

What I am loving to read:

Now this is a hard one for me this month because, as an English Literature student, the majority of my reading has been catered towards my exams and essays. Having said that, I have been enjoying reading Pinterest. What I mean in that is, I have learnt so many facts and so many things from reading many pins. From organisational tips to beauty, from fashion style to home decor and from business to food. Many of the blogging tips I have gained are from Pinterest, also. So if anyone is looking for an answer to any topical questions, believe me when I say, search on Pinterest and you will find it.

What I am loving to wear:

Rihanna Fenty Puma Creepers

Need I say anymore? Receiving these at Christmas was an absolute treat. Styling them and wearing them this month has been what I am loving. As they are sold out like literally everywhere, I thought I'd share some news. I have heard that on Monday Public Desire will be doing a pre-order on there replicate versions. From Sarah Ashcroft's snapchat, I have seen they are absolute spitting image (minus the Puma logo).

What I am loving to smell:

Balmain: Extatic Eau de Perfume

You know when a perfume just evokes a memory? Well this does exactly that for me. It is a pricey perfume so I was quite literally 'Extatic' to receive this at Christmas. Like all my perfumes, this has a deep and sweet sensuous scent. I'm just going to throw this out there, this is by far my most favourite perfume I have ever owned.

What cosmetic and skincare product I have loved:

Cosmetic: Mac Paint Pots
This month I have been trying out the Mac Cosmetics Paint Pots in Soft Ochre and Painterly. Soft Ochre is very much a yellow beige and Painterly is a nude beige. They are the most perfect eyeshadow bases. In fact, I would argue they emphasise the colour of the eyeshadow you put on top and acts like a primer. It blends smoothly over the eyelids without creasing or creating a caked look. Overall, I don't understand how I have never had these in my collection until now. They are now a must have.

Skincare: Blistex Intensive Moisturiser 
Now this is hardly much of an extravagant skincare item. This month, however, I have been suffering from seriously chapped and cracked lips. So I went on the hunt for a lip balm that would help. Anyone who suffers from this too can agree that Vaseline does absolutely nothing. After a friend recommended Blistex, I thought best to try it out. Little did I know that it is specifically medicated for people with seriously sore and chapped lips. Once I first applied this, the transformation had to be magic. I was in shock at how quickly and long lasting it moisturised my lips. It must be the Shea Butter within the product! It smells minty fresh as well which is always a bonus. It really does rehydrate your lips leaving them feeling intensively moisturised.

What Blogger/Vlogger I have been loving:

Beneath the Brush
This is a blog I found at the end of 2015, written by the beautiful Karishma. What a beautiful blog she owns! It's filled with beauty products and more beauty products. And I can really rely on her for honest and truthful opinions. She also has a youtube channel where Karishma creates wonderful makeup looks. For example, Shay Mitchell influenced make up looks. She really is passionate about beauty, which is always inspiring in the blogging world. Check her out!

What photo I have loved capturing/or have seen (Tumblr):

The photo I have loved this month is of Kylie Jenner. On looking for style inspiration on Tumblr, as we all do, I stumbled across this photo of Kylie. I really want to try and find an outfit like this. The jumper I believe is Yeezy but I have seen some similar ones in Topshop recently.

What app/website I am loving:

Best Fiends:
Don't judge me! Exam period has been testing of my sanity. Having something to relax and keep your mind active is always beneficial. But seriously, this game is so good. I have been doing it on a daily basis before bed when just relaxing or waiting for CBB and I am addicted. 

Now this app is the best photo editing app I have. It is one you pay for but, honestly, it is well worth it. You can brighten your photo's (in the filters option) as though you have switched on lights. You can also filter out backgrounds or make them more toned. For example, if you are doing a flat lay photo on a white background, you can emphasise the white in the photo. It is honestly such an amazing app that I know all bloggers use.

My most loved Pin of the month:

The pin I have loved this month is travel related. I am yet to finish University and travelling the world has been something I have wanted to do for a while. Originally I was going to do it before going to University but I was convinced otherwise. I am going to go this year, however. Or begin saving to do so next year. So, the pin of the month is '24 Travel Quotes That will inspire you to plan your next adventure'. It has done exactly what it states; inspired me. Planning my next adventure is a priority. I want am going to see the world.

What quote I am loving:

I love to challenge myself in all that I do. Lately, however, I have not been doing it so much due to the increased work load at university. Karlie Kloss, the beautiful fashion model, is inspirational in herself. I desperately need to get back into the habit to challenging myself more. Starting with getting rid of the old and bringing in the new .....

What I have discovered and am loving this month:

This month I have discovered and loved a business named Raw & Pure. Let me explain... Raw & Pure is run in Portsmouth by a girl named Hannah. She makes a collection of sweet treats, for example brownies, shortcakes, tarts etc. But they are all made with refined sugar free, dairy free and made from pure and natural ingredients such as organic coconut oil, Matcha and linseeds. So, they are a sweet treat but a healthy version you don't have to feel bad about. On her Facebook page, it shows a range of the treats she does and with prices. Here is a picture of the Raw Snicker Slabs, that are Vegan friendly too, Raw and Pure have made.

If your New Years resolution was to be healthy but you are struggling to avoid chocolate. This is a great substitute. So check out the Raw & Pure Facebook:

What I am loving in general:

I have been loving to plan this month. This year is going to be hectic but organising my life is becoming something I'm doing on a weekly basis, thanks to my Kikki K Planner. 

So there's my monthly Love List. Let me know what you have been loving this month?

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