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Kylie Jenner Lip Kits

My Valentine's treat from me to me was the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit. Okay, not just one but two. I was out of control and could of almost got every shade. The two shades I purchased were inevitably the nudes: Candy K and Posie K. I am so impressed with the colours, formula and the marketing of each product. Perhaps it is the shallow blogger in me that always falls in love with a good marketed/packaged product. The Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, without a doubt, live up to expectations if not more. Kylie Jenner really has added a personal touch to her products. If you follow her on snapchat you would of seen that she was in the factory making the Lip Kits herself. So want to see what I really thought? Read on...

The Packaging: 

Is it just me or is this packaging just utterly simplistic but edgy and chic. Very Kylie herself. The Lip Kits are packaged in a black and white box with a lipstick drip effect accompanied with a card from Kylie herself. The card gave it that great personal touch. The actual boxes of the liquid lipstick and liner is a photograph of lips, which translates the exact colour of the product inside. Her signature is on both lip products, again with the black drip effect. The liquid lipstick, internally, has a suction so as you take out the applicator it allows the perfect amount required to only be on the end.

The Colour:

Candy K (Left) Posie K (Right)

Firstly, the pigmentation of these lip products is phenomenal. The colour takes and translates like no other lip product I've tried. Yes Ladies, NO OTHER and I have tried many lip products. Candy K is very similar to Mac Velvet Teddy, with a slight pink undertone. Posie K is the perfect nude pink that, although is showing up quite dark, translates much lighter. The liners are the exact match to the liquid lipsticks.

The Formula:

The formula of the liner is so creamy and glides on so easily. Not only this, it lasts all fricken day. Hallelujah! It also prevents any of the liquid lipstick leaking over the top. Now onto the luxurious liquid lipsticks. Firstly it applies like a thick, pigmented gloss and literally within a second it dries matte. It literally could be the same base as paint. It dries and does not budge at all. Honest to god, this lipstick will not move. I have tried and tested this theory by trying to lick and wipe it off. The results were super impressive and has now made Kylie even more of a goddess. 

The Quality:

I am speaking from the bottom of my heart, this is a contender of all high-end lipsticks. The quality is phenomenal. The Lip Kit's live up to all presumptions of being a 10/10 product. The colour, the formula and the packaging just scream WOW.

Share your thoughts. If you are an owner of any other shade, tag me in a photo on Instagram or leave your posts below. If you have any questions, again, comment below. I'd love to hear from you.


  1. So, so jealous of you for getting these - they always sell out so quickly! They literally sound amazing too! One question, what was the delivery like and did you have to pay customs?
    Laura x

    1. I know! If you follow her on snapchat and set up her tweet notifications, she will write about it on social media! That's how I managed to get them quickly. They are really great. They took about 2 weeks to get to me and there is a customs charge of about 10 pounds I believe!
      Great Blog <3
      Sophie Xx

  2. I would like to try these too! They seem so great, and the colors are just awesome. Great review!

    Samantha -

    1. They are honestly out of this world! Thank you! Love your blog :)
      Sophie xx

  3. So jealous you got these! xx


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