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Morning Skincare Routine

For the beginning of this year I wanted to really invest in some skincare products, which if you are a regular reader of mine you would have seen me say countless of times. Although my skincare routine is still requiring certain products, like serum, this is what I have been using on a regular basis at the moment. I have seen such a magical and magnificent difference in my skin and I swear it is the result of every single one of these skincare products. The brands included are Eve Lom, Liz Earle, La Roche-Posay, Lush and Blistex. So want to see why I love these products, how I use them and why you should buy them... Read on!


Eve Lom Cleanser:
Quite easily one of the most raved about cleansers that has been described by Vogue as 'probably the best cleanser in the world'. I first tried this as a sample from Space Nk and, afterwards, was dying to purchase it. This is my more luxurious cleanser, out of the two. I only use this when I fancy a treat, so after a long week on a Friday evening. I understand, however, this is a morning routine and there are times when I use this in the morning. This has been when my skin feels congested or blocked. The consistency is balm-like, which you massage onto your face and neck. It removes make up and grime of the day like it was hired to do that exact job. With a wet Muslin Cloth, in hot water, it gently exfoliates the skin surface enhancing blood circulation and leaving the skin feeling hydrated and smooth. The Eve Lom cleanser has essential oils that all work in advantage towards your skin. Clove Oil that has antiseptic properties to encourage clear skin, Eucalyptus Oil to help drain away toxins, Hops oil to tone, Egyptian Chamomile Oil that soothes and softens your skin and Cocoa Butter conditions. What a mouthful, now I can take a deep breath. That's a lot of things Eve Lom have covered! This is genuinely a 5 star product.

Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser:
This is by far my favourite out of the two cleansers, maybe due to the amount I use this product. It is the perfect morning cleanser, which wakes up your skin as though you had a full nights sleep! Eve Lom have really thought of morning time hecticness with this product, as it is quick and easy to use. A two-minute cleanser with, again, a balm-like consistency. No Muslin Cloth is required for this product, although I still use one. They suggest again to remove with warm water, which does give the best results. This product, in difference to their normal cleanser, requires more of a massage technique on application. When applying, use circular movements to really submerge the product deep into the skin. This removes even the most stubborn waterproof makeup, decongests and helps to stimulate collagen production (what all skin requires according to science) and it softens, exfoliates and tones. In difference to the normal cleanser, it has Papaya Fruit Enzymes that exfoliates, brightens and minimises pore appearances. It also has Carrot Oil that helps to stimulate collagen production. This is by far the most important skincare product I own in my collection as I hold this responsible for my amazing skin transformation.


La Roche-Posay Serozinc Spray:
Now for an inexpensive product but is genuinely of high-end quality. Using a toner spray was something I was genuinely sceptical about. Having said that, the words 'specifically for oily, blemish prone skin' jumped out at me, leading me to purchase it. Now, I do not have oily skin but I am prone to the odd spot here and there. I would say I have normal/combination skin, which is highly dependent on my time of the month and weather. This product has helped to keep my skin at a balanced level. After using the Serozinc spray my skin looks shine and grease free, setting it in a matte condition. Not only does it do this, it soothes and hydrates my skin with the Zinc Sulphate ingredients. Vivianna does Makeup has this within her collection and it was her blog that introduced this to me. This really completes my skincare routine. Again, I'm so happy with this product! Well worth the tiny splurge.


Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser (Normal/Combination):
When my skin has been having an off week, moving into a combination "moment",  I will use this amazing Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser. This is mid-range pricing but well worth every pound and penny. When I'm having a semi oily t-zone and a dry nose, usually in the winter months, I really indulge in using this moisturiser. There is only one problem with this moisturiser and that being it takes a bit longer to sink in due to the thickness of it. It does, however, leave my skin feeling healthy and plump. Another incy wincy problem is it does have a significant avocado scent to it. BUT at least this indicates it is in the product. Avocado Oil intensively moisturises the skin giving it a smooth touch and keeps it protected. Overall I do love this product and believe it is doing such good things for my skin. 

Eve Lom TLC Radiance Cream:
This is a product I will be repurchasing in a shot. It really does give your skin the tender, love and care it desires. When your skin is having a dull day, this is perfect! It is infused with Bulgarian Rose Otto, which has a gorgeous, rich and soothing aroma. It also has Arctic Raspberry Seed Oil, which is an antioxidant and Rosehip Seed Oil that has Vitamin A and C to help restore the skin back to its elasticity. I'm so pleased with this product! It is genuinely an essential to my collection. 

The Extras:

Lush Cosmetics 'Grease Lightening' Spot Treatment:
I can summarise this quickly or give you a lengthy paragraph on why this product is utterly amazing. But let me summarise, this gets rid of your spots genuinely like they had been zapped by 'lightening'. I apply this in the morning and it will have got rid of them that day's evening. I quite literally bow down to this product.

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser Lip Cream:
This was mentioned in my January love list. It genuinely has been my life saver. My lips, maybe due to the amount of matte lipsticks I wear, have really suffered this month. They have been so dry and chapped. I apply this every morning and it, quite literally, keeps them moisturised all day. I will apply this half way through the day and before bed, when maybe they are having a bad day. But this is genuinely my morning essential out of every product! Check out my January love list for a more detailed description on why I am so in love with this product.

So what is in your morning routine? For any beauty experts, I would love information on what to add to my morning routine? I, also, would love to hear if there are any skincare products you all have been loving?


  1. I love seeing what else other people have in their skin care routines. great post


  2. I'd love to try the Lush Grease Lightening Spot Treatment. Getting alot of annoying zits lately! Lovely post.

    1. It is worth it! I would say it's a cheaper/dupe version of Origins Super Spot Remover. Thank you xxx

  3. I love Greased Lightning, it's so good! I really want to try Eve Lom, it sounds amazing xo

    1. Eve Lom is incredible! Although it is pricey, it honestly lasts a very long time and is worth every penny! xxx


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