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#2 My High Definition Brow Journey

This is my second documentation of my High Definition Brow Journey. To begin with, I am really amazed at how natural High Definition Brows are and how well thought out the process is. I would recommend High Definition Brows to anyone who wants a fuller brow, with the definition but love natural looking brows. With or without makeup, they are noticeably growing into a desirable shape. Read on to see pictures of before and after...

Professional Beauty Show:

Before I begin, I recently attended the Professional Beauty show in London, where High Definition Brows had a stall. Evidently, I had a look at their beauty products and took some of their brochures. I was amazed to see how many beauty products they actually have. They even have a highlighter, with added Argan Oil. I'm still so tempted to buy the High Definition brow products, they really do create a natural, concise and flawless looking brow. The packaging is also gorgeously designed.

Although I knew a lot about the brand, for the benefit for you all I wanted to do my research and make sure I could really know as much as possible. Each stylist was working away and the stall was gorgeously designed. I checked out the makeup and really got a sense of the brand just from observing and talking to a member of staff. In one of the brochures, Francesa Neill a Lead Make Up Artist of High Definition Brows states:

"We wanted the girls to look beautiful and flawless, but in a soft and natural way. It was all about selecting tones that worked perfectly with each girl, enhancing their individual features... Although the ideas were the same for each girl, different products were used to perfectly suit and enhance each girls natural beauty."

From someone who gets High Definition brows, I can absolutely state this is exactly the rules each trained beautician follows. Brows are essentially the main focus of a face and High Definition understand that and cater to this concept. From reading the brochure, I found out we are not alone in desiring High Definition Brows. Yasmina Bentaieb, a popular High Definition Makeup Artist, uses the products on Ella Eyre, Naomi Harris and even Emeli Sande.

My Second Appointment:

Before the process, there were areas that Michelle noticed needed improvement. Firstly, my brows stopped short and did not come down to the inner corner of my eye. On my second trip, already, I have begun to notice a difference. They are already looking fuller, precise and are growing into a better shape. The transformation is beginning and I'm so happy with the difference. Here are photo's:

Already you can see my brows are naturally beginning to grow more. If you refer back to my beginning post, which I will link here, they are already noticeably growing into a more desirable shape. When the tint was applied, the brow looked accentuated in length and growth. Now you can understand, why this is a process you need to keep up. From the first appointment, the shape has begun and they have become fuller but I still need them to be tidied up and for certain areas to grow more. Again, I'll point out, I get my High Definition Brows done at Erin's Nail and Beauty Salon in Fareham by Michelle, who has the brows of a queen. I'm so happy, already, with the improvement. I will keep documenting the process as I go along, so expect a post every 5-6 weeks. The length of time you should wait for each appointment.

Hope you enjoyed the post! Comment below with any questions or queries. 


  1. ermmm hi You have the most insanely good brows. wish mine were this thick! xx

    1. Hi, aww thank you very much! It's all due to the High Definition Brows.
      Love your blog

      Sophie | It's Cultured


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