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February Love List

Here is the routinely post on all things that have been favourable to me this month. February has been a good month this year, although very stressful in terms of Uni. I have still, however, been finding some glorious things worth talking about on this months love list. This Love List will include favourable products, things to watch, what I have discovered and more. February is full of gloomy days, crisp nights and mountains of work but hopefully I have found some things that you will be interested in, for what looks like a gloomy March ahead. Read on to see what they are....

What I have loved watching: 

Daytime Tv: The Walking Dead

The new series of The Walking Dead has genuinely had me feeling every form of emotion possible. The first episode into the new series left me screaming in anger, shock and rivers of tears. Not your cup of tea? Well it's a good show to let out some built up emotions, to say the least. It's almost like a boxing bag. This series they have really started to invest more time into the individual's, within the series, stories. I'm not one to spoil anything about a series but overall The Walking Dead is my favourite programme ever. It is worth everyones attention.

Netflix or Move- Movie: Spotlight

This film received many awards and even an Oscar. Does that say enough? The film demonstrates the corruption behind the catholic church and how a team of reporters at the Boston Globe investigated it. Spotlight was full of twists and turns and information that I could not believe. If you're into crime investigation and detective films, then this is your type of film. Although, technically speaking it did not involve much from actual detectives. It was still amazing, however, to see how a reporting team can contribute and solve crimes without the assistance of the police. It had a great team of actors and actresses, including Rachel McAdams, Mark Rufallo and Stanley Tucci. One of the best films I have seen in a long while, packed with shocking revelations where the brutality of truth is explored!

What I have loved to listen to:

Chilled Playlist by Me on Soundcloud
This month I have been cracking on with my dissertation. It has included stressful and long days and nights. So I created a miniature playlist of chilled songs for my morning shower, to ensure I start the day on positive and chilled vibes. I have a hard time relaxing so this has been essential for my morning routine recently. My favourite song on the playlist has to be Bad Bish by Dexter Brandon. Check out my playlist here: Chilled Playlist

What I am loving to read: 

As I have said, this month has been challenging due to the amount of work load I have faced. And one thing I have found I need to tell myself on a daily basis is to never give up! Motivation is the key to success in my eyes. A great book that is full of inspirational quotes and information to get you motivated is 'It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You want To Be', by Paul Arden. This has been a life saver for me this month and I would recommend it to anyone who feels stuck or lost and needs that extra push.

What I have loved to wear: 

Loungewear has been growing increasingly popular over the beginning of this year. Miss Pap have an amazing selection over on their website, which is where mine is from. Having a comfy two piece in these gloomy crisp days is essential!

What I am loving to smell:

The cold and crisp nights are giving me serious holiday blues. Call me a weirdo but I like to paint an illusion that summer is near by investing in summer candles. For some reason, they seem to really relax me. I picked up this Passionfruit and Coconut Water by Ava & Emma Candle in Home Sense at only £3.99! It smells tantamount to a Pina Colada without the alcohol. Believe me, this is a good trick for de-stressing and it smells delicious. What more could you ask for?

What Cosmetic and Skincare Product I have Loved:


This month I did a big shop in Boots, which will be up on the blog soon. I wanted to pick up something different, out of my comfort zone that I could use and experiment with this month. I stumbled upon the Maybelline Master Drama Nude Eye Pencils, a beautiful creamy and shimmery eye kohl. The two shades I picked up were Brownie Glitz and Rose Pearl. Brownie Glitz is a beautiful warm bronze, that works perfectly with a brown smokey eye. Now for Rose Pearl, it is a a perfect inner corner highlight. I have always considered finding a pencil that could do an inner corner highlight, as opposed to powder. Powder you always have the difficulty of getting it precise and often have to deal with fall out. Rose pearl, however, is a delightful pink shimmered champagne and you can work more precisely and accurately with it. I have loved creating looks and working/experimenting with this product this month. 

Changing it slightly up, this month has been less about skincare and more about haircare for me. Having said that, check out my blog post on my morning skincare routine to see what skincare products I have been using and loving. Anyway, this month my hair has been having a big problem with the weather. It was feeling extremely dry and looking lifeless. So, I went to boots and found two Lee Stafford products that I thought would help me out. The results have been literally phenomenal. I have used both products on and off, not alongside each other, throughout the month. The Light Oil Repairing Mist has really helped to restore my hair back into a healthy condition whereas the Coco Loco has given it that extra moisture it's been really needing. They honestly will be two holy grail products for my entire life. I can see these working really well for my summer hair too. Boots had an offer on Lee Stafford (2 for £10). If you're interested in purchasing them head down to Boots quickly. 

What Blogger/Vlogger I have been loving: 

This is a Youtube'r I have found this month and boy, am I glad I have. Amy's Makeup Box does the best god-damn makeup tutorials I have watched in a long time. Her eye makeup is out of this world and her channel is filled with creative looks. Amy's Makeup Box has really inspired me to be more adventurous when it comes to doing eye makeup. Without a doubt, I have been her number one fan girl this month. My favourite look she has done is this beautiful Teal Eyeshadow Tutorial. I love finding a you tuber/blogger that leaves you having a basket full of products and inspires you to be creative. Amy does exactly that! Check out her youtube here: Amy's Makeup Box

What Photo I have loved Capturing or have seen (Tumblr):

This month I was fortunate enough to attend the Professional Beauty London Show as a blogger. This photo was my favourite to capture as OPI, without a doubt, had the most amazing stall. They really put effort into their presentation. A blog post will be up and coming on the show! 

What app/website I have been loving:

Now Girls listen up! This website will change your life. I stumbled across this website on a Pinterest explore. Basically for all the girls who have wanted to buy a foundation online but have never known what shade to get, the website Foundation Matrix is for you. You put your current foundation colour's into the site. So for example, in Nars I am Santa Fe. Then you can search to find the perfect match to your shade in other brands/foundations. I always use the filter to set up what brand I want to find my closest shade in. Otherwise, you most definitely will get the brand you are already using as your first match. The website is constantly updated. So when a new foundation hits the shops, it will be up on their site. This website I can confirm has truly been useful in finding my perfect match. Recently I bought the Bourjous Healthy Mix Serum and I used Foundation Matrix to find my shade. It genuinely was perfect!

Here's the site link:

My Pin of the Month: 

This month I have been struggling with confidence, as all truthful girls do. I also have trouble with anxiety, if I am truthfully honest. I stumbled across this article through Pinterest titled '55 Ways to Love yourself' and it has some great instructions on how to really start loving yourself. But not just about being introvert and learning to love yourself in that way but also about being extrovert. It has some great tips, which I believe every girl should read. We are all guilty of body-shaming ourselves or finding fault in anything and everything we do. This article is great at giving you tips to recognise your true self-worth in this world. 

What Quote I am Loving:

My favourite quote this month has been from the book I have loved. 'It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be'. I truly believe in setting goals. They give you something to abide by and aspire to.

What I have discovered and am loving this month:

Now I technically have not discovered this brand, I have known about Jessica for a while. These nail sets, however, I have not seen. I found it at the Professional Beauty Show in London. They had several sets for specific nail types. I am really wanting to embrace natural nails this year, so I removed the acrylics and was horrified at the ugliness my nails had become. This set is specifically for damaged nails and I have used it for one day and already have seen amazing results. It comes with a Restoration base coat, Brilliance fast drying top coat and Phenomen oil for cuticles. A full review will be on the blog soon, after using it for a longer period of time. 

What I am loving in General: 

Organising, tidying and more organising and tidying. A quote that I abide by is a tidy place equals a tidy mind. Being organised and tidy are two values I always have stuck by. I recently purchased the wicker basket from Amazon for my skincare, downloaded this printable for my desktop to manage my folders and tidied up my lipsticks in my Home Sense makeup organiser. Having a tidy space around me has really helped me to progress with my work. 

So there's my monthly love list! Hope you enjoyed reading it. Leave me a comment below on things you have been loving this month.

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