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My Current Nail Care Routine

At the beginning of the year, I was on my second set of Acrylic nails. I swore to myself I would get them taken off after this second set but I ended up getting a third. My nails were growing so long underneath and so I, stupidly, thought I'll get them taken off and be able to have lovely, long nails at last. Oh, boy was I mistaken... When I got them taken off, my nails were damaged, brittle and lifeless. They were peeling away and my cuticles were looking largely underappreciated. I was so disappointed in allowing them to get this way. So I swore there and then, and I have fulfilled this promise to myself, to invest time, money and my soul into building them back to their natural state. Read on to see the nail care routine that has genuinely saved my nails soul...

File, Buff and Shine:

Before applying any product to my nails, I file the edges, buff the nail and then shine them. Then the real magic can begin. I picked up this file in Boots for £2.50 and it has the 6 easy steps labelled on it to follow. I will link it below.

Jessica Treatment Kit:

Last month I picked up the Jessica Treatment Kit specifically for Damaged Nails at the Professional Beauty Show in London. After talking to a beautician working on the stall, we concluded this would be the perfect product for my nails. The packaging states two big promises, which say 'Revitalise and Rebuild.' Inside the treatment kit, you get 3 products. Firstly the Restoration Basecoat, which requires two applications to your nails before a colour. This was the product the beautician said would really help restore my nails back to a more healthier state. Now, I haven't used this product alone but I hold this solely responsible for the magic that has occurred on my nails. I had my acrylics taken off in the middle of February and, already, from using this product for about 2-3 weeks my nails have been transformed. They look healthy, restored and by far less damaged. The next product is the Brilliance Top Coat, which isn't necessarily catered to restore your nails, however, it does work some magic. The top coat drys my nails quicker than a speed of lightening! Not only this, it swears to protect your nails from UV. I also stated my cuticles were looking rather underappreciated. In fact, they were crying out for some form of moisturiser. Inside this kit of dreams, you also get a Phenomen Intensive Moisturiser Oil. I have been using this on a daily basis, as instructed on the packaging. It is a cuticle oil that rehydrates the skin around your nails, conditioning and softening your cuticles and promotes growth and strength to your nail. Like I said, I don't know whether it is just the Restoration Basecoat or both these products working together that have masterly succeeded in ridding my nails damaged-look. But the oil alone has significantly made my cuticles more alive and has promoted nail growth. For anyone who suffers from damaged nails or frequently gets Acrylic Nails, I would recommend this to kick-start your nails in getting back into healthy shape.


The nail shade that I have been obsessing over in the last month has got to be Essie 'Cute as a Button'. Not only is the name super adorable but the shade has really got me looking forward to summer. It is a coral-like pink and, although, the photograph may make it look neon-like, it is far from. This colour in the summer with a tan will be to die for. Overall, Essie is my favourite brand for nail shades. The brush is super thin, which makes application of the polish so much easier.


I have already reviewed this exact Body Shop Hand Cream in Frosted Plum before, on this post here. So I will not go too much into a review of the product. Overall, my favourite go-to hand creams are always The Body Shop's. They are enriched with beautiful scents that stay set to your skin all day and keep your hands extremely moisturised. I have suffered from really dry hands due to the cold weather and The Body Shop Hand Creams have really helped me. In terms of my nail care routine, I massage this into my hands and nails, just to add that extra needed moisture.


Lastly, I just wanted to add a health tip, in terms of restoring and rebuilding your nails. This month I have been investing in taking more Vitamins. I invested in a large tub of Skin, Hair and Nails Formula Caplets from Holland and Barrett. These have also made a noticeable difference to my nails, hair and skin. I also have inaugarated Vitamin E into my daily dosage, which has been largely associated with helping restore nails. My nails have become less dry and damaged and really are on the road to recovery. For anyone who would prefer to use a more natural way to recover their nails, I would recommend these Vitamins.

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Hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know of anything I should try on my nails or I should add to my routine. I'd love to know. Also comment below for any extra advice.

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