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March Love List

It's Cultured Spring March Love List
Hello, Spring! Well, in England rain and cold nights is our idea of spring, but the daffodils are still growing (I say optimistically). Anyway, March is over, spring has approached and it's time for a love list. This month I have taken anything Beauty related out of this Love List and made it a separate post named March Beauty Favourites. It's something experimental, which I can continue if you all prefer it. This post, however, will now incorporate different things I have loved this March. This march has been a tough month for me, but the hard part of university is now over. Whilst I have been a social recluse, I have been finding many things I have been loving. Read on to see all that's favourable for me this month...

What I have loved watching:

Film: The Intern

For those who loved Devil Wears Prada and/or love Robert De Niro and Ann Hathaway, the Intern will suit you down to a tee. Robert De Niro (Ben Whittaker in the film) is bored of being a retired 70-year old and embarks on a senior internship at an online fashion site, owned by Jules Ostin (Ann Hathaway). Jules' character, as stated, is the owner of an Online Fashion business/store, which started off small and boomed quite quickly (in America). Robert De Niro and Ann Hathaway's friendship becomes very important in the midst of her hectic and busy life. I learnt important values from this film and admired Jules Ostin's (Ann Hathaway) determination as a strong female and a working mother. But the most interesting take on The Intern is that experience never gets old. Into fashion, business and empowering women? Then I would definitely watch it. 

Series: White Chapel

This is a detective series with a twist. It's on ITV, but unfortunately, I have not been able to find it on the Iplayer. Having said that, if you have Sky you can download the series and, altogether, there are 4 series. Every 2-3 episodes are a different murder case, but the twist is that they all relate to historical murders. For example, the first series is related to Jack the Ripper and the second is related to the Kray Twins. Adding history and detective together also has brought forth a gothic horror genre to the series. Overall, it is a quick but interesting series which I would recommend to all. Especially those who love dark detective series. I genuinely finished this series in less than a week. Yes, it is that good!

What I have loved to read:

You can relax and overcome stress by Mike George

It's Cultured Spring March Love List You can Relax and Overcome stress Mike George

A book I picked up on a whim, but thank the lord I did. The writer, Mike George is a management tutor and spiritual coach, who writes about self-awareness and ways to grow your emotional/spiritual intelligence. But this book also discusses how to gain control over your inner and outer lives and how to turn negatives into positives. It is full of perspectives and description on coping with emotion, but also, it has several exercises. The exercises have surprisingly enabled me to look more at the positives in life, gain more confidence and drop my anxiety. It's not the type of book you read all at once. You can pick it up and read a chapter every now and then. Each chapter targets all different perspectives of life, for example 'breaking the hold of routine'. This book has really shown me how to relax and better yet overcome stress.

I picked it up at Home Sense for 3.99 but it is available on Amazon for £6.99.

What Blogger/Vlogger I am loving:

Blogger: From Roses

I recently discovered Rebecca's blog (From Roses) and I am surprised I have not seen it sooner. She blogs on a daily basis with beautiful photography. From Roses is  full of original and useful information and what I love most is the unique spin she adds to each post. For example, recently she wrote a post about 'How to Fake Looking Awake and Healthy' where it covers reviews on primers but specifically reviewing them in a tailored way to her post name. Rebecca's creativity and tenacity are extremely inspiring. Check out From Roses Here! 

Blogger: Layla Panam

For fashion inspiration, I have been really loving Layla's blog. Every item she wears I legit add it to my wishlist. Her sense of style is very Kardashian-like, but with a much more affordable price tag. Her jacket/coat and sunglasses game is strong, to say the least. Layla has also introduced me to brands that I had never heard of. For example, Five Pound Tee and She Inside, which, if you are a University Student I would highly recommend for fashion on a budget. Check out Layla's blog here and I kid you not, you'll end up with a huge wishlist of clothes. 

What app/website, I have been loving:


This is a website for bloggers! Hootsuite has really helped me to keep up to date with my social media, even when I don't have the time or want to have a night off. How? Hootsuite allows you to schedule tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram posts. Spend a morning scheduling your tweets for the day and then you can allow yourself to have a night off. I have been really enjoying using Hootsuite, whilst I was doing my dissertation, to keep up to date on my social media pages and still being able to focus on my University work. Check out Hootsuite here!

Career Girl Daily

This website has helped me with many things in life. Although the name is pretty self-explanatory, Career Girl Daily does focus on Career advice. It also provides lifestyle, fashion and beauty tips too, in an ever so chic manner. My favourite part of Career Girl Daily is the many interviews on the site with leading business women. Sit down with a notebook when reading them. The advice comes from CEO's and Director's all across the world. As University is coming to an end for me, this website has really helped me to think more career minded. They recently had a post named '4 Lessons from Fashion Icon Anna Wintour', who is the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue. I mean, who doesn't want to sit and read four lessons from one of the most successful and leading women in the world. Not only this, it also has articles on ways to set up your desk in order to be less stressful etc. If you are an aspiring business woman or you love fashion, journalism and beauty, this website will really help you (in all aspects of advising). It also gives you great tips for styling and beauty. Definitely a life-saving website! Link - Career Girl Daily

What Photo I have loved capturing this month: 

It's Cultured Spring March Love List Spectrum Makeup Brushes

I absolutely loved capturing this photo. Mainly because I love marble and rose gold. But, because I have never been so excited for a makeup brush launch in all my life. They were released this month. Read full review on Beauty March Favourites

The Pin of the Month: 

It's Cultured Spring March Love List Pinterest Makeup Inspiration

This month there wasn't a particular pin I love above every other. This March I really focused on tidying up my Pinterest boards, as opposed to looking at certain things. For example, I have been loving using Pinterest to find Makeup Inspiration. I have collected many inspiring makeup looks. Visit my board here: It's Cultured Pinterest Makeup Inspo.

What Quote I am Loving: 

It's Cultured Spring March Love List Quote of the Month Tumblr
[Source: Tumblr]

Being a part of the student lifestyle, I am guilty of counting down the days. I mean when you have been in education for most of your life, it's inevitable you will count down the days of your last year of it. This quote puts things into perspective for me. Instead of counting down the days, I need to make each day count. I'm going to write a blog post about how what we can do together to make each day count. I love this quote as it is simple, but mindful. Check out my Tumblr Here.

What I have Discovered and Loved this Month:


It's Cultured Spring March Love List ZOEVA

I'm trying so hard to make this post very unrelated to beauty, but I am going to fail with this. This month, I have discovered the brand ZOEVA and their rose gold delightful packaging. For a full review, head to Zoeva Rose Golden. In discovering such a beautiful brand and reaching my blog goals so quickly, I decided to do a giveaway of the beautiful palette. Head to the post here to enter Zoeva and Coconut Lane Giveaway. Overall, I'm going to collect every ZOEVA palette on earth. That is how much I am now in love with this brand. They are very affordable and have the most beautiful pigmented eyeshadows I have ever used.

What I am Loving in General:

It's Cultured Spring March Love List

I am loving Spring. Why? Because it means we are only 3 months away from summer. The only time in the year England is blessed with two weeks without rain. Well... I'm sitting here praying for this as I'm writing.

For my Beauty related favourites of the month, head to March Beauty Favourites. I'm also on Bloglovin', check my page out here: It's Cultured Bloglovin. Comment below with your favourites this month. I'd love to read them!

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  1. I've been reading From Roses blog as well and completely agree. Her posts are really inspirational as well!!

  2. Lovely idea for a post! Zoeva palettes seem amazing and I have yet to try :)
    Kathy x


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