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Top 5 Mood Lifters

It's Cultured Blog Post on Top 5 Mood Lifters Including Pampering and getting out of your comfort zone

I wanted to write a post for you all that was a bit more personal. I'm the type of person that takes the world on my shoulders. In other words, I carry a lot of stress (and its mother) around within my mind. I've been trying to stop listening to the self-doubting devil within my head and interact with the world outside my mind more. It can be hard to break out of the sluggish-provoking stressful storm, which admittedly has been a consequence of writing the deadly University dissertation. But one day I, quite literally, woke up and said enough is enough. I was on a mission to find five things that will uplift my mood. And when I say mission, I even have bought books, researched it online and invested a lot of time on finding the right techniques to lift my mood. Blogging is one outlet that I find extremely therapeutic. So right now, in writing this post, I'm already feeling uplifted. I wanted to share my top 5 mood lifters with you, in hope that I might influence you. After all, it is a Saturday? Let's all just on the positivity boat this weekend. Read on to see what five things uplift my mood.

1: Reading

It's Cultured Blog Post on Top 5 Mood Lifters Including Reading (Modern Romance Aziz Ansari) and getting out of your comfort zone

This is something that is quite often neglected in our day and age. But reading doesn't have to be a gigantic novel? Even picking up the latest Cosmo and sitting down with a cup of tea counts. Personally, I have loved to invest in books that are either comical or are about overcoming stress, becoming more productive or are full of inspirational and motivational paragraphs. If you are stuck in a rut of stress, then turn off your social media and get into bed with a book, magazine or even read a blog. Sometimes just shutting off your mind and everyone around you will just make you feel so much more uplifted and will allow you to get a better nights sleep. 

What I have been reading:

2: Candles

It's Cultured Blog Post on Top 5 Mood Lifters Including candles and getting out of your comfort zone

It's the simple things in life? Right? Even just lighting a candle, can uplift my mood and make me feel that little bit more relaxed. Have a bath and light a candle, get into bed and watch a film with a lit candle or even work with a lit candle. That extra touch just sets the scene and the scent oozes out, making your surroundings smell beautiful and feel more relaxed.

3: Listening to Music 

Note to self - avoid all depressing music at all costs. So, yes, that even means Adele. If I'm looking to feel confident, evidently i'll play Beyonce. But when I am looking for chilled music, I always head to Soundcloud. The page Top Cats on Soundcloud has loads of chilled music that I love to save and listen to regularly. Head to it here: Top Cats.

4: Tidying, Productivity and Getting out of your Comfort Zone

This sounds like I'm crazy. But, let me justify it. Instead of sitting in bed and watching Netflix, I like to get moving. This helps me to take my mind off of feeling stressed and remaining in my habitat (named Bed). If I'm sitting around I will mope. That's the way I see it. In terms of productivity, I don't mean something that will provoke more unnecessary stress or moping. As I said, Blogging is a productive outlet that I find extremely therapeutic and this is exactly what I mean. In terms of tidying,  I enjoy cleaning my makeup brushes or cleaning out my wardrobe. For example, tidying up my winter wardrobe and bringing in some spring/summer clothes. I also once saw in researching mood lifters, that doing something out of your comfort zone but with intent of good will can also make you feel so much more better about yourself. For example, going to a coffee shop and paying for another person's order. It's out of your comfort zone, will make you feel good and your also making somebody else's day. 

5: Pamper Yourself

Like I have said, run yourself a bath but do a bit more than that. Once you're out the bath, moisturise, paint your nails and do a face mask. Quite literally treat yourself. Make it a weekly basis and make time for it. One evening a week of just pure pamper, will just uplift your mood. Investing time in yourself and switching off from the outside world (as I have said), will make you feel so much more better about yourself. It works for me. So it surely will work for you right?

Now those are my five mood lifters. Try it out this weekend and you will go into the following week feeling uplifted, great and much better about yourself. Let me know how you uplift your mood, I would love to hear. Make sure you check out my BlogLovin page to keep up to date with all my posts. You can follow me on BlogLovin here. I'm trying to bring more Lifestyle posts onto the blog. Leave me a comment below if this is something you would like to see regularly on the blog. Also let me know if there are any other positivity/lifestyle posts you would love for me to cover?

It's Cultured
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  1. I love to do a pamper day every fridays as that is my day off from uni! Such great tips and ideas here :)
    Kathy x

    1. Glad you enjoyed the tips! Friday night pampering sounds so much more appealing than a night out doesn't it?
      Great Blog!

      Sophie | It's Cultured X

  2. Candles are a big one for me! Great post :)

    Hannah | Oh January

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post! Love your blog :)

      Sophie | It's Cultured


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