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Travelling Plans and Doing it Right...

It's Cultured Travelling Plans and Doing it Right

I am a girl who loves to explore. I'm not one of those generic types of people, where after University I am going to go travelling. But don't get me wrong that would be a dream. In terms of building my career, however, my travelling will need to be done in small chunks. When I was growing up, I was fortunate enough to go to many places around the globe; from the whole of Italy to the Seychelles. My family background is very mixed in culture and I think it has been instilled in me, from birth, the notion of travelling and exploring. Every time it comes to booking a holiday, I relish the opportunity to go somewhere new. This post is not just about me writing about my future travelling plans, but writing/building my bucket list. Within the future, expect to see me travel to these places and share it all on my blog.

Doing it Right:

Before I start, there is something I need to say. This section won't include money, tips etc. but instead my view on how travelling is being done wrong and how it should be done. Recently, circulating all over my Facebook have been videos and pictures of people attending, on their travelling routes, animal exploitation trips for tourists. I am a great lover of animals and a goal in my life is to volunteer, once, twice or even thrice, to help at an animal sanctuary. If you are looking to travel, please do not ride an elephant or visit animal shows. Although people see it as an excursion built into a holiday package, it is promoting animal cruelty. For example, riding an Elephant can cause long-term harm. Their spines are not made to hold the weight of a human. So when my future travelling posts start to flood in on my blog (after University), the only animal-related posts would be a sanctuary to help these poor endangered species. Now that's off my chest, here are my travelling plans...


It's Cultured Travelling Plans and Doing it Right Bali
Photo Credit: Amankila Hotel

Bali is more than just a quick-fix spiritual enlightenment trip. The atmosphere and calm nature are incredibly appealing. Within Bali, there are many temples, spas, beaches and bespoke luxury goods. In going to Bali I would love to explore the whole of it. Indulging in spa treatments, exploring the Seminyak beach resort and visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.

A Great Website to Visit: 6 Bali Experiences


It's Cultured Travelling Plans and Doing it Right Vietnam
Photo Credit: Five Five Fabulous

In researching Vietnam, I stumbled across the amazing blog Five Five Fabulous, which has a great guide to travelling within Vietnam and where this beautiful photograph is from. My parents have attended Vietnam and have shared with me so many amazing stories about their trip. It seems like a place where it is so alive and full of great spirited people. The hotel complex's in Vietnam are all spa retreat looking. When I ask my parents about Vietnam, they always refer to the luxurious massage they had and the great food. 


It's Cultured Travelling Plans and Doing it Right AustraliaPhoto Credit: Travel Trips by Ingrid

Australia is renowned for being on a travelling route. Bondi beach is what is attracting me, most of all. Admittedly, the only thing that has put me off going so far (I have family I could stay with), is the spiders. 


It's Cultured Travelling Plans and Doing it Right Dubai
Photo Credit: Burj Dubai Sky Scraper

Dubai has been top of my list for a while. For a country that has everything, this is it. Dubai is probably the most luxurious destination I would love to visit. 


It's Cultured Travelling Plans and Doing it Right Kenya Giraffe Manor Hotel
Photo Credit: Hotel You Want

The moment I saw this photo, I knew I had to go. The Giraffe Manor Hotel situated in West Africa is a Sanctuary. It is designed in Art Deco and boutique style. The hotel looks after the endangered Rothschild Giraffe. You can even take a guided walk around the sanctuary. 

This is just the beginning of my bucket list. These are my main five places I would love to visit and will save to explore. Where would you like to travel to? I would love to hear some suggestions.

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It's Cultured
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  1. I went to Dubai not too long ago, on a brief stopover to Thailand. It was beautiful x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    1. I'm so jealous! I really want to go.

      Sophie, It's Cultured xxx

  2. The Giraffe Manor Hotel caught my eye, how beautiful! I would love to stay there someday that's an experience I'd never forget! xo

    McKenzie |

    1. Isn't it just beautiful!? It definitely does look like an experience that would be unforgettable.

      Sophie, It's Cultured xxx

  3. Bali looks gorgeous! I really want to visit Scandinavia and Iceland :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours


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