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It's all about the Face Base..

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As the Summer months approach and we're firmly in Spring, the necessity for a base has become even more important in my makeup routine. This post will discuss my favourite setting spray, primers, illuminators and skin perfectors. Whether your skin is oily, dry, combination or normal, it is so important to moisturise before applying a base. It will give your skin the hydration it will need for the day. After applying moisturiser, I leave it to sink into the skin for 10 minutes. Then it's time for it to be all about that base. As you would have seen me chit-chat about all over my blog, I suffer from an oily t-zone, which enticed me to endeavour on this journey of finding the best bases/primers on the market. Having said that, my journey of primers has been long and exhausting, but the ones in this post have made me never look back. Then entered illuminators, setting sprays, pore blurs and moisture creams. So here are my favourite face bases.

A Moisturiser and Primers:

It's Cultured Primers Benefit Cosmetics, The Body Shop, The Balm and Mac

Mac Studio Moisture Cream:

A quick little note about one of the best spring/summer moisturisers. Last summer, I picked up the Mac Studio Moisture Cream in the airport, in the mini size for £10. It is a very lightweight moisturiser but extremely hydrating and nurturing to the skin. In the summer months, I prefer a more lightweight moisturiser but, although the moisture creme is light it is extremely nourishing. This summer, I want to venture more into SPF moisturisers but for one that can be mixed with the foundation, I will use this. If you are going for a more dewy complexion, this really is a great product to mix in with foundation.

The Balm Cosmetics: Time Balm Face Primer

The Balm really surprised me with this primer. The product includes Vitamin A, C, E and can be worn alone for visibly clear and softer skin or underneath makeup to keep your makeup on longer. As I have said a billion times, I suffer from an oily t-zone. I wouldn't say The Balm's primer drys out the skin completely, which is beneficial for combination skin, but it does mattify the oil, somewhat moisturises the skin and minimises the appearance of pores. Not only this, it perfects skin tone and does aid a slight disappearance of redness (but not all). I personally enjoy using this Primer on a day where my skin needs that extra bit of help. Unlike many primers, it is not sticky. The texture is very similar to the Benefit Porefessional. 

Soap and Glory: One Heck of a Blot Primer

This is my holy-grail primer, without a doubt. It absorbs the oil on my skin within seconds and controls that shine that may appear again throughout the whole day. My face makeup does not slide off my skin, it leaves my skin feeling extremely smooth and reduces the appearance of pores (noticeably too). It is not as mattifying as The Balm's Primer but it does have a matte effect in its nature. In consistency, it is much wetter when applying but in no means sticky. The main ingredient in this product is Vitamin E, which leaves your skin glowing. If anything this primer has natures of an illuminator, which is perfect for oily skin and without the excess highlighting look. This has been the most impressive primer I have tried, to date. 

Primers that specifically Blur:

The Body Shop All-In-One Instablur (Universal) 

As I have said countless times, I suffer from large pores and blackheads. Although both the above primers do work well in minimising them, I wanted to still find something that would specifically devour the appearance of them. When I purchased The Body Shop Instablur, I was instantly sold. On the front of the product it states that it does 5 actions in one, however, I specifically use it for pores, blemishes and unifying my complexion. I will apply this in conjunction with another primer, but specifically utilising Instablur on my nose (blackheads), chin (pores) and blemishes. The only negative part of the Instablur is that it rolls up into a ball and does require lengthy blending. Well, when I say lengthy I mean longer than your average primer. But, it does work extremely well on smoothing out your complexion and blurring pores. It is a handy product to have in your makeup bag when you are having a hormonal week with your skin. 

Benefit The Porefessional 

A bloggers fave, which doesn't need much of a description as it is renowned for its magic. Porefessional is my holy-grail product for pore reducing and because of this is a must have in my makeup bag. Especially when it comes to the spring/summer time and my combination skin becomes more oily in nature. When I'm in desperate need for a product that will rid the appearance of blackheads and pores, this is literally the product I reach for. It is by far a leading product in this retrospect. In consistency, it feels balm-like and blends in super quick and easy. It is completely oil-free so for those that suffer from breakouts, this would be your great primer. To big this product up, even more, it is enriched with Vitamin E, which serves to protect your skin from free radicals. I will either apply this all over my face or just in specific places I need that extra blurring. If you suffer from dark circles too, I have found the Porefessional, amazingly averages out my skin tone. A thin layer is all you need with this product. A little goes a long way.


It's Cultured Illuminators Mac and Rimmel

Mac Strobe Cream

Another holy-grail product is the Mac Strobe Cream. The Mac Strobe cream adds luminosity to my foundation, adding a dewy-like finish and adds utter radiance to my skin. Personally, I reserve illuminators for the spring/summer months. The strobe cream doesn't just act as an illuminator, it is highly moisturising and hydrates my skin perfectly. When my skin is looking lifeless, I will always opt for my Strobe Cream as it boosts the look of my dull and flat-looking skin with its high vitamins. Not only this, it is great for enhancing light particles to the face. So if you are going to be out in sunlight or under a spotlight, this product works fantastically for drawing in the light to your face. It has a slight iridescent look to it, but it is not full of sparkle and glitter. If my skin desires brightening and clarifying, I will mix this in with my foundation for that subtle but gorgeous glow.

Rimmel Good To Glow Highlighter/Illuminator in Soho Glow 

The Rimmel Good to Glow is the best budget illuminator, I have tried. Soho Glow is perfect to use in the approaching summer and holidays, as it adds a gorgeous bronze glow to the skin. The product has light reflecting particles that enhance a radiant and luminous look to the skin. It is very lightweight and can be worn alone or with foundation. This is a holiday makeup bag essential. It comes in three different shades, which all serve their own unique purpose of adding a different type of glow. Personally, I don't use it to highlight. I tried it once and much prefer it as an illuminator, however, it did enhance the look of my glow using it as a highlighter base.

It's Cultured Illuminators Mac Strobe Cream and Rimmel get up and glow swatches
Left to Right: Rimmel Illuminator (Soho Glow) and Mac Strobe Cream

Setting Spray:

Mac Fix +

I recently spoke about the Mac Fix + in my March Beauty Favourites. For those who suffer from oily skin or combination skin, this is literally the best setting spray on the market. It smells beautiful, it dries quickly and it is enriched with vitamins and minerals. This really does super glue my makeup and is an essential in my makeup bag. These approaching summer nights and days will require me to use this more so. Not only this, it will be brilliant on holiday for really hydrating your face and fixing any sliding makeup problems. For a full review, head to my March Beauty Favourites here.

So those are my current Face Bases that I have been loving. Have you got any recommendations? Especially High-end Primers, I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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  1. One Heck of a Blot has to be my absolute favourite :) though I do still like to use the Porefessional on either side of my nose where my pores get a little enlarged xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. It was your blog that influenced me to buy it! Haven't looked back since. I also use the porefessional specifically on my nose. Both are great products!

      Sophie, It's Cultured xxx

  2. I need the one heck of a blot primer!!

    1. You do ! It's absolutely amazing!

      Sophie. It's Cultured xxx

  3. You have sold One heck of a blot and Insatblur for me! Right after my spending ban is up I will be going to to get these haha. Good post and lovely pictures as always xx


    1. Glad you liked the post! Your spending ban will definitely appreciate being lifted for those two products haha!
      Thank you for your kind words.
      Sophie, It's Cultured xxx

  4. This is such a great post lovely! I absolutely swear by the Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot primer! It's absolutely amazing!
    Really want to try to the Good to Glow now too!

    Charlotte xxx

  5. I really liked the Benefit Pore fessional and it smelled so good! I've tried the primer by body shop as well, but was not quite convinced with it's texture. Thanks for introducing all the rest of the products as well, they are new to me :)


  6. Mac strobe cream and fix plus are two of my favorites! :-)



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