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Summer Kiko Haul

It's Cultured Kiko Haul Kiko Cream Crush Eyeshadow, Kiko Water Eyeshadow and Kiko Pure Clean, Scrub and Peel Wipes
Recently, I have had a splurge at Kiko and thought I would share with you some of the items I bought. In this haul, the items that take the spotlight are the Kiko eyeshadows. I purchased one Kiko Water Eyeshadow and three Kiko Cream Crush Eyeshadows. I am so impressed and happy with each one of them. I also purchased the, fought for (thanks to Kim Kardashian), Pure Clean Scrub and Peel Face Wipes, which have made exfoliating this summer a much easier job. I have found four worthy products for every girl out there, all of which are vital or versatile. Read on to see the full review...

Kiko Cream Crush Lasting Colour Eyeshadows:

It's Cultured Kiko Haul Kiko Cream Crush Eyeshadow 01, 05, 10
Shades: 01 Pearly Vintage Rose, 05 Pearly Silver Rose and 10 Pearly Apricot 

These beautiful eyeshadows are one of a kind. They create the most beautiful pigmented shimmer, which is highly blend-able due to the creamy formula. The silky and soft texture lasts all day, without needing a top up or a bit of Fix +. The range has matte and pearly finishes, which all feel weightless when applied. Pearly Vintage Rose is the most perfect champagne, Pearly Silver Rose is more of dark grey silver and the Pearly Apricot is a pearlescent pink. All 3 of which are versatile for many different eye looks. With the cream crush eyeshadows you can do a lightweight application or an intense dramatic look. I'm truly surprised with these elegantly-potted eyeshadows. Inexpensive, long-wearing and beautifully creamy. What more could you want? See swatches below.

Buy Here! 05 and 10 are currently on sale!

Water Eyeshadow:

It's Cultured Kiko Haul Kiko Water Eyeshadow 218 Grapefruit Pink
Shade: 218 Grapefruit Pink

From seeing the reviews of the shade 200 as the most perfect highlighter, I actually was interested in purchasing a colour in the highly renowned pigmented Water eyeshadows. Grapefruit pink is the most gorgeous golden warm peach, which is perfect for an upcoming holiday. The idea of the Water Eyeshadow is that you can apply it wet or dry. Applying the eyeshadow wet gives a more dramatic look, whereas applying it dry is more subtle. Don't get me wrong when I say subtle, it is still entirely pigmented and intense. Again, I'm so surprised with another of Kiko's products. The eyeshadow is easy to blend and long-lasting. Also, with the Water Eyeshadow it brings an amazing luminous effect to the eye, which catches the light and reflects it. I literally want to purchase every colour in this range! The shade Grapefruit Pink could even be used as a blush. The Water Eyeshadows are phenomenal. See swatches below.

Buy Here!  Currently on Sale - £4.40!


Kiko Pure Clean, Scrub & Peel Wipes
It's Cultured Kiko Haul Kiko Pure Clean Scrub and Peel Exfoliating Wipes

If you're an avid Kim Kardashian Snapchat watcher like me, you would have seen in amongst her very expensive skincare items the Kiko Wipes made a debut. Inevitably, I quickly made a purchase and was amazed that they were only £5.90! The art of these wipes is that on one side they have an exfoliating rough side and the other is soft and moisturising. The exfoliating textured side is rough and so wiping with a light hand is more beneficial. The second side leaves your skill feeling extremely smooth and moisturised, with a cooling effect for after the exfoliation. The most benefitting thing about these wipes is that it is enriched with Alpha Hydroxy Acids, which aids skin rejuvenation. Since using these wipes, twice a week, they have really brought my skin back to life. My blackheads are not as rough, my breakouts are few and my skin feels gorgeously smooth. I do have sensitive skin at times, which was slightly concerning when making the purchase of these wipes. But Kiko have tried and tested them on sensitive skin and have had no problems and neither have I. They have a beautiful scent, which is due to Magnolia, Peach and Sandalwood. These are perfect for the summer time and for the winter time, keeping your skin highly moisturised and free from impurities. The pack is resealable too, which makes these perfect for travelling. Thank you Kimmy K!

So there's my Kiko Haul! Only a few items to say well done to me for finishing my degree! Which of these are you most interested in trying? If you have tried any other Kiko Products, I would love to know. Leave me a comment below. 

It's Cultured
It's Cultured


  1. Pearly silver rose is so pretty!
    Kathy x

    1. It's so gorgeous! Definitely purchase it!

      Sophie, It's Cultured X

  2. I went into a Kiko store the other day and they didn't have a single water eyeshadow on display and I was so ready to purchase some, I was so annoyed. Love the sound and look of the cream eyeshadows too, Kiko are so so good for a brand thats so affordable! you can't go wrong with them at all!

    Em | beautyandbullshitt x

    1. Definitely buy the water eyeshadows online! If you sign up with an account, they send you discount codes all the time too!

      Sophie, It's Cultured x

  3. The eyeshadow colours and finish look dreamy!! :)

    1. They absolutely are! Definitely worth trying!

      Sophie, It's Cultured X


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