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Learning how to be More Sociable

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I am currently learning how to become more social as opposed to an introvert. As a result of the intense workload in the last year of university, I became a social recluse. I became used to sitting inside, doing work and blogging also induced that. Looking back, I used to spend the majority of my weekends partying, going out, drinking and barely spending time alone. But, as I said university meant that I had to sacrifice that kind of lifestyle. Yes, at first I did have hardcore FOMO, which happened whenever I missed a night out with the girls or missed spending time with my family. Eventually, though, I learnt that missing out was not necessarily a bad thing. I was willing to sacrifice a bottle of wine with the girls for an all-nighter writing essays because I valued my education and doing well. Now, however, the lifestyle I used to have is something I have totally forgotten how to lead. Being on my own and doing work has meant that I was slowly becoming an introvert. Don't get me wrong, I do love my own company and a good night with a Netflix series but I also enjoy socialising. Can you really forget how to socialise? Or is it a consequence of growing up? Who knows! All I know is that being solely an introvert or gregarious is tough and finding a balance between the two will make life ten times easier.

It's Cultured Missguided satin 2 in 1

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Breaking out my Comfort Zone

The internet is full of inspirational quotes, which try to encourage you to do something different to your normal routine. But getting out of your routine does take work. Sometimes, however, it can be purely just taking your time to make a decision or trusting yourself and making snap decisions. My way of breaking out of my comfort zone that encourages me to be more sociable is to try and do everyday tasks with a different approach. Rather than blogging at my desk, I'm going to try and sit in a local Starbucks. Obviously, I need my caffeine intake haha. By doing something simple and different, it encourages me to be more sociable.

If You Want to do it, Just Say Yes!

There have been many times where I have been offered to do something, but I find myself being held back. From now on, I'm going to stop restricting myself and make time. I have been wanting to start yoga or the gym for a while, but, instead, I find myself making excuses to not do it. I need to start saying yes and I'll find myself opening up new opportunities to be more sociable. You won't see me saying yes to bun-jee jumping, however!

It's Cultured Learning how to be more sociable Missguided Converse

It's Cultured Learning how to be more sociable Missguided Converse

Partake and Arrange

Instead of waiting around for opportunities, I'm going to start arranging some myself. I'm in the process of making a local bucket list. Although I live where I live, there are so many things I miss out on. By making a local bucket list, it will allow me to make more opportunities with friends and always have something in mind to do rather than staying in watching Netflix. Keep an eye out for my local bucket list blog post, which will be up on the blog soon.

Get Active!

As I said, I have been wanting to join a gym and go to classes for a while. In doing so, I believe it will give me more confidence and induce my mind to be more active. I'm sure you're all aware of the benefits exercising gives you physically, but it is also very important for your mental health. Going to the gym will give me something else to focus on and hopefully encourage me to be less introvert. Of course, belonging to a gym will give me an opportunity to splurge on the latest active wear and being able to justify it!

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Since finishing university, I have felt I had lost touch with socialising, but I am already following the tips I made for myself and am finding myself getting out a lot more. Unfortunately, a part of university means to sacrifice most of your social life, as you will see in the post I did on Things University Taught Me. But it's ok! I learnt a lot about myself and I would not change that for the world.

Although I still love to curl up on the sofa with a bar of chocolate and a book, I want to get out and explore new places or partake in new experiences. We're all guilty for staying indoors and sometimes getting out is easier said than done. But from missing out on a lot, it has encouraged me to stop making excuses. After all, it is worthwhile and will give you constant challenges and ideas. By making small changes, a step at a time, it has already made things more fresh and exciting and I have learnt the value of socialising. Having said that, I still need to get myself a gym pass - oops! I'm still learning (still an excuse)...

Share your experiences with me! I'd love to hear what you do to socialise or just get out the house. And what do you do when you are enjoying your me time? Let me know in the comments below. If you would love to see more of my blog, follow me on Instagram here. To keep up with my latest blog posts, make sure you follow me on Bloglovin' too. I've also done a poll on Twitter- How would you consider yourself? An Introvert, Extrovert or a Balance of both. Vote here! I'd love to know.

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