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Things University Taught Me

Things University Taught Me University of Surrey It's Cultured

I've finally graduated and I thought it would be the perfect time to do a blog post on all the things university has taught me. In all honesty, my time at University was incredibly challenging, although I still would never look back at it as a negative time in my life. I have come away from University having learnt many valuable life lessons and skills, which I will forever hold onto. I mean I didn't just have negative experiences, I did have lots of positive ones too. Many may disagree but University is a huge life step, which completely changes you as a person. You meet new people, you face new experiences and you learn more about yourself. As you grow up, you are told time and time again you have to go to college and you have to go to University. When it came to the time to finishing college, I had no idea what I wanted to do. In fact, I even sat my parents down and told them I wanted to go travelling. Thankfully after much thought, I did choose to go to University. Although there have been many times where I have questioned my choice, I'm so glad I went. When I say I questioned my choice, third year will have you doing that every single morning with your 9AM coffee. Yet, it is all so worth it, believe me! I attended the University of Surrey, which is outstanding in its accomplishments and making the university as enjoyable and homelike as possible. I'm so happy I chose Surrey and as I was attending the University, each year it was climbing more and more up the ladder in being one of the top ten Universities in the country. As I have said, University had many positive times for me and negative ones, where I juggled part-time work and university, ill health and outright exhaustion but if I can do it, everyone, I can! So let me talk to you about all the things university taught me. If you are applying for university or have graduated or are about to go, hopefully, there is something you can either learn or relate to within the post.
Things University Taught Me University of Surrey It's Cultured

University is more than education - First and foremost, this is the most important lesson I learnt at university. Of course, you want to get a good degree classification and it does require hard work to achieve that. But, there are much more worthwhile qualities and lessons you pick up at university. I mean essentially I was going to university with the prospect of eating noodles and beans on toast daily. But when I got bored of eating rubbish, I finally started to venture into learning to cook. I'm not going to big myself up here, it was purely basic. But, the point is I learnt to fend for myself, which comes hand in hand with university. Aside from this, living away from home allows you to find your independence, which leads me to my next point...

You learn the important skill of being independent - Becoming independent is probably the most valuable skill you will pick up from being a Uni student. I thought I was an independent person but the minute I went to university, I realised I was more dependent than I thought I really was. Now I can say, I've lived away from home, I've learnt to cook, I travel much more frequently and I even began my blog.

You'll find new friends and lose friends - Whilst at university, you will find and meet people who are always on the same page as you. They will have the same commitments, values and outlooks on life. If you are about to attend University this September, approach people and be open minded. I have met my truest and best friend at University and lost some friends at home. I wouldn't have it any other way, however. Whilst I've been at university, I have learnt a lot about friendship. In fact, being at university has proved the Will Smith quote, 'If you're absent during my struggle, don't expect to be there during my success', absolutely right.

Things University Taught Me University of Surrey It's Cultured
You may miss out and that's ok - In your first year, you won't miss out on socialising and attending many of the on campus nights out. After all, your first year doesn't count towards your degree... so party and socialise as much as you want but still work hard and get your potential. When it comes to second year and third year, however, the workload gets higher and the pressure gets higher. You will miss out on socialising, even when you're home for Christmas and Spring. Just remember it's ok. During my final year of university and whilst I was doing my dissertation, I did become a social recluse. In the end, the hard work does pay off and the celebrations can commence when you finish. So you will miss out but it is ok. This is why you do need to surround yourself with a good support base, where your friends, family and boyfriend all do understand. I was lucky in this respect. University does teach you how to prioritise and juggle work and social life.

You will appreciate home - As I have said, for my first year I lived away from home. Unfortunately, in my second and third year, my health deteriorated and I had to move back home. When you come home from being away, home feels super luxurious and you appreciate so much more. Especially the home cooked dinners!

Take the time to relax - As I keep mentioning, my health deteriorated quite badly. I was diagnosed with an illness, which is exacerbated by stress. I didn't take the time to relax. If I wasn't doing essays or exams, I was blogging, working part time or reading. I was exhausted and extremely run down. Looking back at university, I wish I had taken the time to relax more and had some me time. I got way ahead of myself and overworked. If you are about to go to university or are already there, this is a valuable lesson to learn. Take the time to relax and slow down and do not feel guilty about it. You deserve it! When I say relax, I don't mean just running a bath and putting on a few candles. Go for a walk and clear your head or pick up a hobby that is relaxing not strenuous. Believe me, come third year you will need it!

It is worth it - When the university prices became £9000 pounds a year, there were fewer students applying for university on the basis that it isn't worth it. I mean the debt is offputting but believe me it is worth it. Not just for the degree and for more job opportunities but, also, for the life skills you pick up. As I have said, university is much more than a degree. You are given once in a lifetime opportunities like to work abroad or work at top companies. You meet new people and you grow as a person. If I can do it, everyone can!

So that is what University has taught me. I'm thinking of doing quite a few posts on my time at university. If you have any specific questions or requests for posts, comment below. To see more of my blog, make sure you are following me on Instagram. Also, to stay up to date with all my latest posts follow me on Bloglovin'.

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  1. Great post. I loved my time at Uni, I learnt so much more than the formal education. It's one the best experiences of my life and I wish I could go back.

    The Beauty Load

    1. Completely agree! It definitely was one of the best experiences I have had.

      Sophie, It's Cultured X

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