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Five Staple Makeup Brushes

Five Staple Makeup Brushes It's Cultured

Although I always talk about what my holy grail/staple beauty products are, I realised I have never told you what Makeup Brushes are my most used and loved. I am always on the hunt to try new Makeup Brushes and find staple ones. I would consider these five makeup brushes my most used and loved brushes. This post will include my three favourite face brushes and my two favourite eye brushes. Although I am an avid beauty blender fan, I have become way more into applying my foundation with a brush. Keep reading to know why...

Five Staple Makeup Brushes including Real Techniques, Spectrum, Kiko and Morphe Brushes It's Cultured
Five Staple Makeup Brushes It's Cultured Morphe Brushes and Real Techniques

Foundation Brush

As I have said, I do love to use a beauty blender but for a foundation, I will only ever use the Morphe M439. As always, this is another Jaclyn Hill recommendation. Unlike beauty blenders, the M439 gives the most seamless and flawless finish to the foundation you are applying. And believe me, it has the same effect with any foundation I may use. The Buffer Brush is super soft and fluffy but at the same time tapered and compact. This allows your foundation to melt into your skin with effortless application and blending your complexion to an absolute dream. Want that airbrushed look? Then buy this brush.
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Powder Brush

The brush I use when I want something applied subtlely and softly all over my face is the Real Techniques Powder Brush. So, that's either a setting powder or a bronzer for an all-over bronzey glow. Out of all the Real Techniques brushes, I feel that the Powder Brush is often overlooked. It really does help your product glide on evenly and perfectly. This brush provides a pixel-perfect application. The Real Techniques Powder Brush really is a staple brush to have within your collection. 
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Five Staple Makeup Brushes It's Cultured Kiko, Spectrum and Real Techniques

Concealer Brush

To apply under the eye concealer, I always use a beauty blender. When I need to tidy something specific up, however, the Real Techniques Concealer Brush is perfect. As it is angled, it is perfect for tidying up underneath the eyebrows and precisely outlining the shape. If you have any stray unwanted hairs underneath your brows too, the precision again will help to conceal them away and precisely outline a shape of your brow. If you are wearing a dark lipstick and want to clean up (precisely) around your lips, again the angle of this brush helps with that. Something I have also found it is great at is getting that precise nose contour. Have I said precisely enough? You get the drill... If you need to do anything with accuracy then you need this concealer brush in your life. 
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Eyeshadow Brush

The secret to the perfect smoky eye or expertly blended eye is all down to the eyeshadow brush you wish to use. There are two brushes I opt for when I want to blend. Firstly for a softer approach to blending, the Kiko 200 Brush Eyes is perfect. It closely resembles the Mac 217 but with a much cheaper price label. As it is tapered, it makes applying eyeshadow and blending it out such an easy task. In fact, this brush does all the work for you. It has a compact form, which allows you to follow the shape of your eye easily and trace out the eye shape. I also like to use this to apply a highlighter on the brow bone and the cheekbone as it perfectly blends it out for that natural glow. The only issue I have with this brush is that it isn't the softest brush due to its synthetic bristles. 
Secondly, one of the best-tapered blending brushes you can get your hands on is the Spectrum Tall Tapered Blender in B06. It is not as wide as the Kiko 200 Brush but instead much thinner and longer. Jut like the Kiko 200, it is really good at tracing out a shape and blending is such an easier task. The length of the brush allows you to make a more accurate and precise shape to your eye. Not only this, you can build up shape in the contours of your eye.
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Each one of these brushes will help you gain that professional makeup look without the college course. What are your staple makeup brushes? Let me know in the comments below. If you would like to see more from me, check out my Instagram and Twitter. Make sure you follow me on Bloglovin' to keep up to date with all my latest blog posts.

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  1. The Morphe brush kind of looks like an elf brush I have to do my foundation :) I still haven't invested in Morphe yet but I always hear such good things about them so I might have to soon!

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